Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday at the Flea Market

It was a flea market day today! We flew down the road with the sun-roof open and Clara (our Yorkie) hanging half-way out the window, wind blowing her long hair back, sun blinding us all, and somebody unknown and unintelligible blasting on the radio. It was a perfect day for flea market shopping. DH and I had $40 between us, and all I wanted was one of those little pin cushions we used to have that are like tomatoes with the little china dolls holding on to the sides of it with cute outfits on and darling black hair. I figured I could afford a couple of for me and one for a friend or two. We didn't find any. :(( However!! I did find a $1.50 change purse in pink leather that's small with the squeezie sides. And, I found 2 different types of enamel "Lady Scarlet" knock-off ladybugs that open up just like the "you know who's" ones do...and these even have crystal stones in them and everything....for about $20 each!!! I didn't get them, but I may go back for one of them. And, I found a cute T-shirt that said, "Burn your buns in Naples, FL," which I did not buy. So, it was truly a great day when all was said and done.
Then, we came home, DH cooked a supper of chilean sea bass for us which was yummy with lots of fresh lemon. He watched some show about the Dark Ages while I kitted up CHS "...Hawk Run..." and started stitching that. Clara, who had enjoyed her flea market jaunt, sacked out on the lap quilt at my feet. And all was well that ended well. Hope you had a good Sat., too.

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Meari said...

Sounds like a fun day!