Sunday, March 11, 2007

HAED News!

I forgot to say that I got some Heaven and Earth charts this weekend and I'm so happy about them. Didn't get this one pictured, but it is cute. I put it here for my daughter to see because she is a big fan of mermaids. The ones I bought are by Selina Fenech..."Dark Waters," and a couple of her others, then a Ravencroft design. I'm really fond of Ravencroft's elves and fairies because they have attitudes!

Any others of you have favorite HAED artists? Any tips on stitching?

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tintocktap said...

I've got 'Dark Waters' in my stash too! I got it along with 'Bright Skies' swearing to stitch both and not let them turn into long term UFOs. I started last August and haven't finished pg1 of BS yet!!

Anyway - definately Selina Fenech's best!