Monday, November 10, 2008

Note to Friends

Dear Friends,

If you've been wondering where I am....I've been in the hospital again!! A minor surgery on my colon again. After a little over a week, I'm home to heal for 3-4 weeks so I can go back in for a resection surgery. I'm so discouraged...and crying about this one! The timing is that surgery will be in 2 weeks.

My orthopedic surgeon has found after an MRI 3 wks ago, that I have a torn rotator cuff...shoulder of right side....that was killing me and affecting my arm, fingers and shoulder and neck. This cannot be operated on, however, until the other surgeries are healed.

All in all, I expect I'll be through with surgeries at the end of Dec., or first part of Jan. Then, I can start physical therapy for my right arm, etc.

My capacity for stitching is low, but I am doing some slow stuff!! LOL I'm reading alot and just resting as I just feel weak and not very energetic!

Latest book I'm really loving is, "The Seamstress." I just am captured by it. It's a new book, and doesn't sound wonderful on the jacket review, but it is. It's the story of two sisters who take very different paths in life, but still maintain a strong bond to takes place in the 1930s in Brazil. Just a fascinating book, and a wonderful story.

Sending love and hugs to all. I think of you often. My stitching and friends keep me going....