Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winners in Birthday Needleroll Draw!!

The Birthday needleroll draw has been done, finally, and we have winners. I had enough to give everyone something of what they wanted, and then a consolation prize. Couldn't get to this as per my original completion date due to my computer breakage...but, now, I'm happy to announce the following winners:
BECKY K - September Needleroll
MAXINE - March Needleroll
SALLY - December Needleroll
TESSA - April Needleroll
MARIE P - Consolation Prize: Victoria Sampler's "Happy Birthday"
Beyond Cross Stitch Collection

Thanks to all who entered into my draw! It's fun to be able to offer something to my friends.

All winners, please send me your addresses via my

Have a happy Monday! Deb

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gifts Upon Gifts!!

Will you please look at this gorgeous purse of roses in all kinds of threads and textures!! Lesley of Tintock Tap sent Jessica, Kellan and me a magnificent goodie box of treasures last week!! Just unbelievable things she crocheted. She sent the purse above to me....and I'm not sharing!!! :)

Can you believe how perfectly this darling lion is made? It is sooo sweet. Look at the little expression Lesley gave him. Jessica and I call Kellan, "Kell-Lion" so this little creature is perfect. And, Kellan has a preference for the color yellow for some reason! So, Lesley made the perfect choice as a gift for him. That tiny lion is amazing in real life!
Jessica received this amazing bowl from Lesley. It's hard to really see this in a picture. It's like a hand woven basket, it's so amazing. It has little twisted flowers on the top. Just so beautiful. Lesley filled it with glass treasures and beads. She couldn't have chosen a more perfect gift for's like she's known her forever.
Lesley, I just want to thank you sincerely for these wonderful treasures you sent us. We are so grateful for the time and thoughtfulness you put into each piece. Your caring and friendship just shines through. Thank you so much for the love. Kellan absolutely loves his lion. Jessica is keeping the tiny one in her beautiful bowl. I think I'm going to use my purse for needlepoint stitching tools so I can leave it out and see it more often!!
Hugs, Deb

Back Up and Running!

Yes!! I'm back in full swing with my computer. :) I'm happy to be back!

To celebrate, I placed a new order tonight and I have to share my new (hopefully coming soon) stash:

Above is the new GPA (Giulia's) purse and charming little pretties. I think it's one of her most beautiful pieces, ever. She is part of that "Designing Women" series, and, once again I think her design is the best of all!
I really couldn't resist this Accessories group to the Abigail Colby Quaker set from Primitive Traditions. I thought it matched some of my stitching things that I have in a new pile having to do with acorns!
Speaking of which....I have been looking and hoping to order this acorn needleminder...and finally got to. I liked "Cat's Whiskers" piece above for a quickie of smallies, and because it came with all the threads and linen so I didn't have to think about pulling it all together. It's fun for Spring and starting off the Summer.
Other than those, I stocked up on Zecca fobs, new scissors and some fabbies from Silkweavers. I think I'm set for a while!!
Now I'm going to have to check out your blogs to see what all of you have been up to!! I've just been stitching along on my "Beatrix Potter" SAL, and the "Quaker Friendship Sampler" RR, lately.
So happy to be back! Hugs, Deb
PS: I hope you'll come back and leave me a comment. I've missed everyone!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Computer Down & Out!

Just a quick note to let you know that my personal computer is kaput! It breathed its last on Thursday, suddenly, in the middle of shop surfing. I was shocked because it had been such a faithful friend for nearly 10 years. It's hard to know what to do without it!! I'm on my DH's computer at the moment...but will let you know when I get another one. I feel like I should name the next computer, because they seem to be so close...and know all our secrets....

Anyway, if you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks, you now know why. Should any of you wish to contact me in the interim:

Sending love and hugs to all! Deb