Friday, March 26, 2010

Let the Sun Shine In!

Can you believe that I received one of these awards, too?? My dear friend, Jinger, from JRae (see side bar) sent this to me. I'm so happy. Thank you so much. You inspire me with your braving every thing that stands in your way, overcoming all adversity to come out shining, and your committment to our Friendship RRs. Your friendship means so much to me, Clare and Lynda. :]

And, what? I'm blogged!! Queenie (Patti L) also gave me the same award! I'm getting sunshine from all sides and I'm so happy! Thank you so much, Patti. You're a long time, great friend and a touching stone for me among stitching friends. I appreciate your staunch, never failing friendship so much. I don't deserve this award, but I'm grateful that you thought of me. Right back at you, Queenie!

So, let me combine the awards I give, except I'll add these two inspiring friends to the big list:

1. Leslie of Tintock Tap

2. Sally

This award is for someone who has inspired you in some way...
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Passing this award along to 12 fantastic friends:

1. Nicole
2. Marie P.
3. Sandra
4. Siobhan
5. Glenna
6. Carol R.
7. Patti
8. Harmien
9. Annmarie
10. Georgie
11. Von
12. Su
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I'm really grateful for the award, and I've listed friends who inspire me and make my heart lighter when I read their posts. There are many more I would have listed if I'd been allowed more, but you know when I visit you that you're important to me! :]

This week I've still been stitching on Carol R's Emblem of Love RR piece, but making good headway on it. I've finished my part on Marie's Just Nan RR piece. I need to photograph that, and will for my next blog entry. Until then....happy stitching!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, dear friends, on my last blog entry. I'm glad you enjoy the book entries as well as stitching. Most of us do enjoy these 2 things, and it's fun to share.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Books Are Our Friends, Too

Don't you think books are the best of friends? I've just finished this, "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter," which was so good! I know most of the books coming out lately with these "tongue in cheek" takes on classics are sometimes light-footed. But Seth Grahame-Smith is a very believeable and strong writer. Of all this type of book I've read, I think he's the most literary and capable. Treat yourself to this's really good.....especially if you have any interest at all in Lincoln and why he detested slavery.

I have to tell you the funniest story about this book that's coming out mid-April. I'm chomping at the bit, as they say, waiting for it. I'm the hugest Bronte lover, so this is killing me to wait on!

Anyway, I was desperate last week. I thought I had dreamed up the book or had a weird brain tremor!! Wanted to order it on my Kindle (Stella's her name, btw), so I searched on Goodreads. I was sure I had seen that one of my friends there (these friends overlap with our stitching friends, too) had mentioned the book and I had seen the cover of it.

I couldn't find the book to save my life!! I searched every book store book! So, pulling my hair out with fear and frustration, I fell back on my faithful friend, Siobhan (see side bar for Blue Hen...) to tell me whether I was losing my mind or not. Thank God she came through simply by searching google. Now, why didn't I think of that??? :[ Siobhan, you are the best! It was Melissa who mentioned the book to begin with on Goodreads.

If you haven't already, do join many of us on Goodreads, which you can find via google. You can request being my friend to see what books are on my list, and to see who else is on there. It's a great way to see what we're reading, and to catch up on books and reviews we wouldn't otherwise know about.

I'm off to stitch on Carol R's round robin piece!

And, I want to especially send much love to my friends who welcomed me back to blogging with such open arms and lovingkindness. You're so special to me, and have been since the day I met you. Thank you for caring and for filling in the gaps in my insecurity. Your comments mean the world to me. Thank you so much.

Hugs and love,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home Again...Jiggity, Jig....

Home again and feeling so great! The first day of Spring was delightful yesterday. DH took Elaine (of Elaine's Quilt fame) and me on a day-trip to Sanibel Island and Captiva. We were first treated to a big breakfast. Then off to the sunny islands...over several bridges in the beautiful sunlight to see the sparkling Gulf waters (ocean inlets) and sandy beaches. The sail boats and big cabin cruisers were kicking up foam and surf that trailed behind them like streamers of fairie mist and foam. It was just beautiful. We saw pelicans, gulls, egrets and herons. The egrets and herons were in the dunes and wild sections of flowers and reeds at small canals across the way from the beaches.

Beaches on Naples, Ft. Myers, Sanibel and Captiva are all different. Naples, where we live has thick and deep sand with a smattering of shells. Ft. Myers has much of the same, although the sands start to lighten up. Sanibel and Captiva have white sands and more shells respectively! The waters change colors too. Captiva has the prettiest colored water, I's very clear, light opal blue/green. DH says that's because it's much more shallow close to the shore. You can easily fill a bucket of shells on a Captiva beach!

The towns on Islands are seaside lovely. Multi-colored pastels give everything a kind of overall haze of "icing" to my eyes. There are people with seaside outfits, bikers in different colored bikes, kites flying, people walking and sitting in outside cafes, shellseekers on the beaches in funny hats and under umbrellas. We drove past so many mansions...gorgeous and with names like, "Moon Haven," and "Mermaid's End." The newest and by far most imposing of the mansions in Captiva was posted as a Roosevelt home, all white pillared, it sat just across the street from the ocean...within less than a football field's length door-to-door.

DH stopped at a funny old bike shop to let me ride a reconditioned three-wheeler bike with a darling old wicker basket on back. It was pained a pale blue and orange that looked shabby sheek and beach blasted. Elaine and I, of course, fell in love.
I rode it all around for 20 mins. and helped Elaine ride it back and forth with her oxygen tank tucked away in the basket!! LOL We had such a good time. DH made the man a low-ball offer...then declared he'd buy me one to share with E. in the very near future. Just not one like that one with a wobbly front and right wheel!!!

On the way DH had gently talked with Elaine telling her stories about the beaches, birds and houses. I sat back as quietly as I could be...well, as quietly as I Could Be!! She just loves Anthony. I have to say he gets lots of points for his kindness to her. He's even insisting that she take his recliner so she can find a comfortable way to sleep as she's now not able to sleep on her sides or flat in her bed.

We stopped as we left the islands at the Dairy Queen to get soft serve ice creams in the old fashioned cones: a large vanilla for DH, a chocolate for Elaine, and a chocolate dipped for me. We were warm, sunny and happy as could be.

I've returned home after a rocky 4 months to my own stitching haven: my stitching, magnifying light, fancy scissors and tools, wonderful chair and all the amenities. I love being home and the great peace and comfort of it all.

Sadly, midst the need for family crisis sharing, I feel I've let down my RR friends because of the lack of mag. lighting, my own transportation and personal time. It's made me feel horrible inside and very unworthy. I feel it will take me alot of time to make it up to them. While my family counts me as a good mother and a loving supporter of them all....I've become a loser as a stitching friend and I am heartbroken about that. It's my goal to change that in the coming months.

I love and appreciate you each and every one. I'll be coming around to visit all of you soon!!

Love and hugs,