Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Easter's Coming

I'm adding a new category to my stitching this month...Easter. I'm thinking I need to stitch a little token for my granddaughters, so these bunnies are so cute and fun, they'll be great to start with. They've been in my stash for years. But, they never get tired or old looking. The other thing I'd love to work on are those really great egg, rabbit and carrot designs (See below) from CricketCollection. They are so great! So many cute things, and not enough time!!!
Here's my working list for March:

1) And They Sinned

2) I Saw Three Ships (...on Christmas Morning)

3) Easter Wabbit (above by Sheepish Designs...there are several. I'm making 2)

4) Taj Mahal

5) Leporello

6) Nautical Journey

7) Mermaid of the Pearls

Here's "Rabbit's Big Day!"

1 comment:

Isabelle said...

Oh, I adore those bunnies. You'll have lots of fun! :)