Friday, March 2, 2007

The English Have It!

Well, here's a very cockeyed picture of a Textile Heritage piece I did some time ago. (The link is for Cross Stitch Unlimited, a shop in MA, that my Chatelaine Designs stitching friend, Lori, used to haunt, I believe...) The name of this piece in the "Tudor Hearts" collection, is Pea Pods & Butterflies, I think, and was one of those easy to carry around pieces that ended up fitting just right in this box opening. This company kits-up their pieces, so they are easy to take with you. I'm not a fan of aida cloth, but I stitched this one with it, as well as a couple of their key fobs, pin cushions and bookmarks which turned out really cute. It's a nice change/relief on the eyes and the result is very pretty. At least, I thought so, and those who saw them...stitched some too! At any rate, I thought I'd mention them because they have charts for lovely needlecases, small needlepurses, pincushions, fobs, etc... And, you can always change to any fabric you choose. Look at this one!


Isabelle said...

That is very pretty, Deb! You do such lovely sitching :)
Have a great weekend :)

debrainct said...

Debi, I remember this one! It really looks nice in that box.

Love the Monkey too!

Miss You,