Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ackworth School Quaker Post

Does anyone know where I can get this Quaker Post collection from the Ackworth School? This is the one that has several designs for postage stamps and the contest one could enter to create an envelope using the designs, that ends September 2007.
I had ordered the chart from Criss Cross Row (online shop) over a month ago, but they basically have not sent it, and have been telling me they did send it for the last 2 weeks...Not!! So, I had to cancel my order...not trusting them anymore.
Anybody know where I can find the chart to order it???? I really appreciate your help.


Katrina said...

That's a shame. Normally Marsha does a great job, sadly her DH had a life threatening aneurysm a couple months ago and she's been at the hospital around the clock. I think her friends are trying to fill and pick up the slack for her. You could try Twining Threads, I know she was carrying a lot of the Needleprints stuff. The website is www.twiningthreads.com

Katrina said...

Oops, www.twiningthread.com! Sorry about that :-).

Katrina said...

You know who else has them, Drema at Needlecraft Corner: http://www.needlecraft-corner.com/dg-needleprints.html, her service is always great :-).