Friday, March 16, 2007

Found Beatrix!!

Yessss!! I found her!! I found my very own copy of Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler (Ackworth School)-an original chart!! I'm so psyched because everywhere I've been looking they are OOP!
I've been so desperate to find one because I want to do a collection of B. Potter things for my granddaughter's room, and I thought this sampler would be just the thing for her to keep forever. When I make lap quilts for her, I'll have to put some faded ecru and brown ticking or toiles in with the shabby chic roses and other fabbies, now.
So happy I could dance on the ceiling about this one! Where did I find it?? Em-Li's ...she has 2 left as of this afternoon, if anyone wants one.


Isabelle said...

Congrats! That sampler is so beautiful. What fabric and thread colours are you going to use? :)

BeckySC said...

I was so fortunate last year and a dear sweet friend sent this one to me when I was looking for it :)
THEN, I was fortunate this year and was able to find it as a birthday gift for another dear sweet friend.

Congrats on finding a copy :)

The Cabbage Rose said...

Thanks Beckysc and Isabelle! I'm not sure yet about fab and thread 'til it gets here. Can't wait! Deb

Michelle said...

I placed my order last week for this also, thanks to a tip from Nicki. Hopefully, it is on it's way to me now! Congrats on getting your hands on one...I had almost lost hope too!