Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Organizing Stash

Honestly, I'm ready to give up! My best friend, Deb in CT can testify that I have no real organizational skills. I'm a stitcher and a colorist/artist when it comes to design and needlework, but I simply stink at organizing. Deb always has things just so. She can take her beautifully manicured fingers and delftly touch stitching tools, fabrics, threads, delicate thingies and they just sigh and melt in her hands, resting into little organized pockets and places like they were always meant to be there at her command. She knows where everything is!

My stitching things, on the other hand, seem more like Alice-down-the-rabbit-holeish- misfits...there if you know where to look, say the magic word and drink tea upside down with a broken flamingo neck!!

I'm sure I have more stash than Debra-The Stitching Cat, but she can put her hands on more stash than I can....so who really wins in the end!!?? To prove my case, here's a picture of a couple of sides of my dainty little stitching/sitting room. I had such dreams for this room, as I always do for my stitching rooms. Yet, they always end up looking like this. I really need help, but I can't bear to throw or give my stash away! I'm not completely selfish. I do give alot of it away, and I feel good about that, but you know how we all feel about our collections and things we just can't part with. I'm convinced that some of you can organize and some of us can't. And, that separates the sheep from the Cheshire Cats!!


Deb said...

Deb, you flatter me! But you know what lurks behind the closed (yes, closed) door to the sewing room!

I only know where things are when they are in the place in which they belong. If they choose to reside outside of their appointed spot, then it's free game for everyone. Sometimes I find what I'm looking for, and sometimes I find things that I haven't seen for what seems like decades.

I believe that I spy a couple of class projects from our fun days together - could that be Acorn Past and the CRVC EGA octagonal piece that have surfaced? I do believe I know where mine are but they aren't making it to the top of the stack for a while.

You definitely have more stash than I - although I've done a good job at trying to catch up - SO has even learned the term *SABLE*. It probably is a tie as to who can put her hands on more. I don't think it's a case of who really wins in the end - it's just so much fun to touch and feel all the wonderful colors and fibers!

Keep those creative juices flowing and let the organizational wizards worry about the organization!

Love, Deb

Terri said...

I am in love with the sofa and chairs in your room! I have a messy stitching room too and am hoping to get it cleared out over the next month. It does get overwhelming but I find if I just spend 15 minutes at a time in there it's easier to declutter.