Monday, March 5, 2007

Going to the Beach

It's a beachy day here in Naples, FL, and I'm off with my little dog, Clara, my DH, and my hat..."High Maintenance"...which my DH bought for me to keep the sun off my head, least the sunstroke make me desperate for more stitching stash! We're going to the Sanibel area beach where Clara can run with us. There are some beaches, of course, where dogs are only allowed after hours, but Sanibel has some stretches that are open and nice this time of year. Above pic. is Bright Needles, "Under the Sea."

My "And They Sinned" is getting lots of attention the last few days, and I must say, it's enjoyable. Rotating is really the way to go! It makes everything so refreshing and fun to come back to. I feel so accomplished! LOL Anyway, I'm on the peacocks section just before the alphabets, really making progress down the sampler as far as I'm concerned. So, I'm happy! My "Sisters of the Sinful Stitchers" SAL group has promised the first week of each month to ATS, so I'm wishing them all good progress, too!

A beachy needlepoint canvas. This one is done with lots of textured stitches. I like to add texture to some of my cross stitch, as well in the mermaid's hair and things.

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