Friday, November 30, 2007

Pictures from La-La-La-La Las Vegas!!

I, for one, loved it when Jack cried. He had good lungs, and he was soooo pretty! LOL My son, David, and Jack's mom, Adrianne, were very generous to let me hold him alot. They never put him down unless he has his diaper changed. He is the new "Special Gift" of the household. That's what my other children used to call David because he was the youngest of my five children, and they were sure he was a spoiled "little mama's boy!" LOL Long may he reign! Grammie's all for it....:) Pay back, etc....:p
Jack is looking a little startled! We were trying to get a smile...but you know how it is with 4 week olds. He's still the apple of my eye!
Along with seeing my little family, I was also able to visit with Juls (A Fairy and Margaret (Stitch or No Oh, did we have fun! They are so fabulous! We laughed and shared, and shopped and ate dinner and talked and looked at stitching WIPs, a chose fabric for Juls new project, and learned about eachother, and named their regular stitching group....and even planned a Stitching Get-Together in Las Vegas for next May!!! It was the best fun to get to meet them irl.
All I can say is that they were absolutely like they are on their blogs. So down to earth and such wonderful women. Interesting, accomplished, great stitchers, individual tastes in stitching..... I could have spent so much more time with them....which is why we decided on another Get-Together.
Also, Margaret and I talked about starting another RR in 2008, if anyone is interested, please contact her, would you? Juls isn't sure she's ready to do one. She's never been a part of a RR before. I've loved the ones I've been doing this year.
I have the Holiday Blues, everyone. So, as I mentioned below, I may be hiding out for a bit. Though I am stitching on my "Angels," and finishing an afghan for Jessica's husband, Kevin. I'm also planning on making the little quilt promised for my granddaughter, Hadley; and one for Jack; and one for my darling granddaughter in NYC, Amelia. Other than can I possibly have time to stick my head up!!???
Due to financial reasons, I've had to pull out of the Plimouth Plantation Session on the stitching of the jacket reproduction. It has just made me so sad at heart. It was necessary, though, as the realestate market has been so depressed and has really crippled our husband has been a RE broker for over 30 years. This is the worst, the flattest market since the Depression in the US. I may be able to go to another Session in the Spring or Fall.... Right now, I can't justify the I'll be stitching at home instead. Not such a bad thing, really.
Happy holidays to you all!! I'll be stopping by your blogs to say hello. Have some good times, and good stitching to you...
With love and hugs, Deb
PS: My son, Jon stops by and reads up on me once in a while....Love you very much, Jon!!! :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Exceedingly Abundantly!!

Did you know that the Bible says that God gives us "exceedingly, abundantly more than we can think of or see" when we take our burdens and requests to Him?

Just wanted you to know....and to let you know that JESSICA IS PREGNANT!! La, la, la!!! There is also a strong possibility that she will have multiples, and she and her DH are very hopeful about that.

She is sooooo happy and delighted and dancing and crying and stunned and just can't believe it....and all the wonderful things that first-time mom's feel. We went right away to Border's Bookstore and picked up "What to Expect When You're Expecting," the current book that all the moms-to-be are reading nowdays. And, she's pouring over Baby Names books, of course.

Thanks to all of you "stitching god-mothers" she was able to feel so peaceful every day, encouraged and charmed by your notes and emails and cards and thoughtfulness. It meant so much, and she found such comfort and strength in your love and caring. I'm sure when I get back from Las Vegas, she'll be getting back on my blog to tell you so herself.

Until then, let me say again how very much your friendship is cherished.
Thank you. I'll be talking to you.... Hugs, Deb

Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Is Pressing In on Me!!

I've decided to put all else aside and concentrate on Christmas while I still have time. These Prairie Schooler Angels have been singing to me for years, and I've been turning a deaf ear. But, this year...they are out and being stitched at last. I'm loving how quick and easy to stitch this little one is.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and words of encouragement for Jessica as she is walking this path about her little "trifecta." (I think I got it right that time! Yay!) She's going to get through this weekend, and she'll get a call from her nurse on Monday evening to hear the results of the IVF. I'll blog the results to you right away so you'll know, too. Meanwhile, just want you to know how much more at peace she has been and how you have lifted her heart with your notes of friendship and caring. It's made all the difference, and she calls me every night to tell me how many of you have left a note for her. Thank each and every one of you.

I'm leaving for Las Vegas to see my son, David, my DIL, and my darling little grandson, Jack, on Tuesday. And, I won't be home until Nov. 26th. So, this will be my last real blog for a while. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and need some time off. But, I'll be back full force when I do come back...with lots to share with you.

I hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving...even my wonderful friends in Europe. I'll be thinking and being thankful for all of you this year. You've made my life so full and so charming. Your lives and your stories and stitchery has colored my life so much. What did I ever do without you before!!??

Hugs and love,

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jessica's Note: The Two Week Wait

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your warm thoughts and prayers. The latest IVF transfer was complete perfection, all three embryos made it through the deep thaw and were healthy and viable. We had all three transferred. Mom tried to get it right, but they are not the "truimphorettes"; I called them my little "Trifecta".
I prayed that they would all make it to transfer and they did! My RE (reproductive endocrinologist) said that "the embryos landed in the perfect spot!" The nurse didn't even have time to take an ultrasound picture, and my DH watched it all with eyes WIDE open!! Now, we are in the dreadful two week wait.
We are hopeful, anxious, joyful, excited, anticipatory, and fearful all at the same time. I now have a small glimpse of all the great hopes and expectations new parents have! My poor dh is conservative with his feelings this time, as the last disappointment was just about all we could bear.
Mom and I had a wonderful time in Super Target this afternoon looking at all the darling Newborn clothing. I only have a few more days before I hope to celebrate! Lots of people are praying and waiting with me, I feel blessed that I am not alone. I really hope that I will have multiples, but one would be just as wonderful.
Thank you for commenting on Mom's blog, and I hope that I will have good news to share soon! The World Wide Web will not be a big enough arena for me when I have this news to share!
PS: Although Mom called me "not a real stitcher" today because I didn't want to stitch!! LOL (She was teasing me!) I did end up buying DMCs at AC Moores with her for my LHN "Curly Q,"...and will not let her loose comment discourage me....unless anyone can define for me what a "REAL STITCHER" actually is!! :) I say a slow stitcher is still a Real Stitcher....tortoise and the hare, you know. :)
I really like the paper dresses I've seen on some of your blogs. The materials we have to make ours are so cool. I bought butterflies to put on mine today. Mom has the whole kitchen area cluttered with materials. I'd like to join the Paper Dress Swap with her.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PIF and My Lifestyle Issues

Georgie has kindly included me in her PIF (Pass It Forward) group! Yay!! So, I'm requesting that 3 of you sign up to be my PIF friends!

Would you kindly let me know if you want to "play" by giving me a comment?
I'll send you something lovely within the next year, having to do with stitching.... It will be a wonderful surprise!! And, you'll need to PIF, of course, by finding our own little triad to send to. :)

All I can say at the moment is that I must really be on overload this past couple of weeks. I'm so exhausted in mind and body. Too much going on...too little of me to spread around.

Jessica, my DD, has gotten her IVF transfer with her what she now calls her "little Triumphorette", and we are now on pins and needles waiting until Nov. 20th to find out if she's pregnant. She is hoping for twins, or a baby or Triplets (note the 2 T's)...she and Kevin would be delighted with anything the Lord would give them. I explained to her that she has to get used to waiting...that's the name of the game in motherhood! It's been a difficult 2 years for her, and we really hope she and her husband are blessed this time. When the other times didn't work, she really took it very hard. I'm feeling anxious for and about her because, she's my baby. You can see her picture on Nicole's blog (Island Breeze). I'm going to search around for a better one of her to post on mine!

I haven't been sleeping well at all. My insomnia has really gotten so bad, though I try to "gear down" every night in hopes I can get sleepy like ordinary people. I've always been a night owl...all my I guess it's just gotten worse with time and age. I do love to stitch at night and to watch old movies while I'm stitching. But it would really be healthy for me if I could just sleep!! I'm now wondering if Harmien's McGoblins have flown to my house for a visit and are keeping me awake! "Out, out, Dark Spots!!" to loosely quote the Bard.

My favorite, latest old movies are: Fanny and Alexander by Ingemar Bergman, which is a must see for everyone on earth for so many reasons; Night and Day with Cary Grant, and Night of the Hunter with Shelley Winters and Robert Mitchum. That "Night of the Hunter" scared the pants off of me.... I really cried all through "Night and Day." Cary Grant can break your heart when he wants to.

My latest book find is: The Temple Dancer, A Novel of India by John Speed. Booklist said: "Speed conducts a dazzling tour of 17th century India. Lavish and lush...mesmerizing...Chock-full of sex, suspense and peril...this yarn will transport readers to a vanished time and place."

I've just started it, but I'm hooked. This isn't the usual type of novel I read, but after a bit of pre-reading in Border's Book's new Seattle's Best coffee shop with a cup of very latte, latte and a spinach egg and cheese omelet -muffin... it had so reminded me of "The Far Pavilions" by MM Kaye, which is one of my all-time favorite books, that I had to take it home.

Speed is a descriptive writer who knows how to entice an audience. The novel is fast-paced and addictive. The first chapter starts out with a young girl using belladonna to make her skin "pale enough" to be beautiful in society... consequently, her eyes get huge and reflect like deep pools as her pupils reflect the night light. This stuff just captures my imagination. His descriptions are wonderful and the story is fascinating.

The sequel to this book is now out in hardback. It's to be a trilogy. John Speed (cool name..) spent many years writing the book, and many years in India....I'm wondering if he's been Undercover???? and now lives quietly in CA with his dogs. Imagine Nelson DeMille writing about ancient India's temple dancers and lovers...

Could any and all of you who are interested in a SAL with the Glendon "Pretty Pumpkins" email me? I'm asking someone to set a site up for us. I'm stitching more on mine tonight. Here's a picture of the pitiful start I made at Martha's Steamy Sunday Stitching group. I assume you've already seen the pics from Nicole's (Island Breeze) and Martha's blogs taken at our Steamy time. I couldn't have looked worse in my pics! You can really see I'm not sleeping well! Jessica hasn't been either...this was the day before her IVF. The company of friends and the food made up for it! Ask Martha to get you the recipe for those ultra decadent caramel bars that our friend, Carolyn brought for dessert!!

And, isn't this just the most heartwarming? Nicole tickled me by taking this one while I was ironing my fabbie for the Pumpkins! I couldn't believe what a tiny iron Martha has!! We are having a "cold snap" here in SW Florida, so you can see I'm wearing my sweater vest....I think it was in the 70's. We could have frozen!

Did you make it through this whole blog entry?? You deserve a medal. Hope I didn't keep You up all night! Hugs, Deb

Hapsburg Crest and Roses

I saw after the fact that I had some sequin slippage on my "Marie" Sampler! LOL Just wanted to tell all of you thank you so much for your encouraging comments. It's great to do this with you looking on....

The roses above are from a French garden. Imagine this is one of the colored roses Marie Antoinette had...

Here is a picture of the Hapsburg Crest. This was the Crest even of Marie's time. Isn't it stunning!? Don't be surprised if you see something of it in my Sampler.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Some Updates

I promised to kit the "Berthe Massiet" Sampler up this weekend, and I did. The threads are Au Ver a Soie ...beautiful, soft and gleaming. I chose 28ct Cashel - Antique White for the fabric. Though I wasn't able to take a stitch this weekend, I'm sure to get my hands on it sometime this week!!

When you pick up truly a fine silk to work with like Au Ver a know it's for a different type of needlework altogether. It is so delicate (but strong!) and silky to the touch. The quality is just lush and superior. I'm going to love working with it for the "Berthe...Sampler."
I also promised you an update on my "Marie Antoinette Sampler." I need to explain it. First, the topmost winter white section of the lace is completed, except that I want to add the pearly sequins with a pearl bead in the center of them. You can bearly see where I've placed them. I have added Sw. Crystal faceted baguettes to the bottom of the white lace flounce. My final treatment of the top lace is to add a gathered ribbon, in a garter-type rosette with the hand dyed silk ribbons to each end of the lace strip. [Sorry...I don't iron my pieces when I'm stitching them!! :o]

The central floral wreath is a blend of silks of different types, DMC and Anchor flosses. I used regular cross stitches, eyelets, french knots, and smyrna crosses. Once the wreath is finished, Marie Antoinette's initials and her birthdate will be stitched inside it. Cherubs will be on either side of the wreath with golden rose trimmers and silky ribbon-like garments flowing. On either side of them will be large, stone urns with rose bushes in them to symbolize the Hapsburg summer gardens.

I want this upper section of the Sampler to symbolize the Young Marie, a Princess of the Hapsburgs Empire. Austrian born and raised, 18 yrs. old, and newly promised to the Young Duphin of France.... It is to show her youth and innocence, a touch of her homeland, and a glimmer of the hope that young girls carry in their childlike spirits for marriage, beauty and romance. So, there will be other, spot items and treasures added.

The gold lace/ribbon at the bottom of the picture shows the division of the Sampler as it will progress, and where Marie's time at the French Court begins and moves along. I'll be developing this section as I go on later.

A couple of you have asked where to get this "Marie Antoinette Sampler." I'm flattered!! It's bearly started, and it's just my own design. Once it's finished...if it turns out okay, I don't mind sharing it with you. Right now it's just a "create as you go" project for me.

Sending love and hugs to all of you! And, thank you for so many sweet comments about Hadley, the little lambie! :)

Oh....nearly forgot:

I'm so delighted that I finished...for all intents and purposes....just have my name to block on Glenna's Neighborhood RR!!! I had such fun with it. The ribbon at the base is ruched velvet in that bittersweet red color that's in the flowers above it. I'm hoping a diversion from straight XS will be okay with Glenna. Her Neighborhood was just crying out for a "happening!"

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Stitchey Weekend Ahead

Don't tell me...I know I shouldn't...but I just received this beautiful chart and I'm kitting it up tonight and starting it. Even if I'm up all night again, Helen and Patti!! Isn't it to die for? You, too, can order it at: from Isabelle was 15 euros and then I had to pay 2.2 euros post. It was so worth it!!!

Yes, Patti and Helen caught me on an "all-nighter" this week when I was trying to catch up with all of your blogs! Sometimes I have terrible insomnia, and I just go with the flow and enjoy a computer time...catch up with all of you and have a happy time of commenting. Patti and I had fun instant messaging, and Helen sent me an email saying she couldn't figure out if I was "just up very early" or if I had stayed up all night! LOL It was kind of fun. Soooo, if any of you are night-owls, you can always see if I'm up, too. I probably am. It's 12:45 AM here right now.

Stitching Goals for the Weekend:

1) Kit up "Berthe Massiet" and make a start on it

2) Finish kitting up Glendon "Pumpkin..."

3) Stitch a bit on Jessica's "Mermaid of the Pearls"

4) Stitch a bit on "Marie Antoinette Sampler"

Finally, I leave you with these two pictures of my sweet little granddaughter, Hadley, who was a lambie for Halloween. She's the one who's getting the toile quilt with the Fair & Square stitched pieces in it!

I hope everyone has a pefectly wonderful stitchey weekend ahead! Deb

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I love hearing from YOU!!

Thank you so much for all your comments on Jack. My DD and I call him the "peapod." :) And, I hope you really try the quiche, it's easy and gooood! Thank you for stopping by and leaving me notes. Love you all!

Above is the really sweet gift "for the new Grammie" I received from my friend, Juls, in Las Vegas a couple of days ago!! What a surprise it was! I couldn't believe it! I'll be seeing Juls when I go see Jack in November. She and I are going stash hunting at her LNS, and are going to do some serious stitching and real life chatting together!!! Can't wait, and I'm so grateful for the gift and the gorgeous threads....:) Thank you, Juls. Love them.

Here to the left are some new charts I've added to my stash. You know what a Jane Austen fan I I couldn't resist the new "Mrs. Darcy..." I love all of the Sampler Girl designs about Jane & Mr. Darcy and the President's Wives. Not to change the subject....but can you imagine Bill Clinton as the First Husband??? Yikes!! God only knows what he'll be cookin' up in the White House this time! ...another subject...another time...

Probably all of you know of this particular Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly Fall 2007 issue, but on the off chance that my European friends do not, I wanted to show it to you. Lauren Sauer has a fantastic little Album as seen on the cover and here:
It's "an intricately crafted keepsake book...modeled after several mid-nineteenth century Plymouth, Massachusetts, samplers...and from samplers made in Scituate, Massachusetts, in the early nineteenth century." There are detailed graphs and charts to stitch and to finish the "Album;" and, you can order the little scrimshaw sewing pieces you see with it, too! The scrimshaws are handmade by a woman on Martha's Vineyard, I believe. This cover shows part 2 of the piece; part 1 was in the Summer 2007 Issue.
Another wonderful piece in the Magazine this Issue, Tsunami Charity Sampler was designed by Martina Dey of Stickideen von der Wiehenburg in Germany...many of us already know her wonderful designs and her generosity. She donated all proceeds of this design to victims of the Dec. 2004 tsunami in SE Asia. In this Issue, the sampler is converted to Hand Dyed silks. The chart is full in the Issue. It's a gorgeous piece stitched over one!

I'm showing you this S&ANQ Magazine because it's really a premier stitching magazine for samplers and interesting, educational articles and small stitching projects. If any of you have an interest in ordering it, you can inquire at:

Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly, PO Box 8458, Red Oak, IA 51591-3458 According to the order blank, it says: 1 year (4 quarterly issues) $24.95 plus Canada $10 postage, and other countries outside US add $20 postage. Pay in US funds.
If you only want the this particular Issue I've shown you, you can contact:
Golden Needle, 1225 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 Owner:
Cathy Lyon Phone: (800) 816-0679 Cathy may also be able to get you the Summer 2007 Issue for Part 1 of the Album, as well. Or, contact me:
Probably said enough!!! Love and hugs, Deb