Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Antique Pattern Library

Can it be said here that I feel as if I have just stumbled upon Dumbledore's hidden library and I have a weekend to sit and read, and a handy magical copy machine to copy everything for me just because! The perfect reading glasses on Earth are mine, and the most comfy seat, and a long, fabulous library table with good lighting. Someone very inconspicuously brings me iced tea laced with lemonade and lots of ice, and tiny, yummy cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches and fresh cookies. I never get sleepy or tired. In the corner a velvet chair that's just the right size with a stitching frame is all set up for me...fabric on stretchers, gleaming yarns to choose from, everything there...lots of gorgeous, shiny scissors and needles to use. And, best of all, you're there, too, to share it with!

What brings us there? This website of freebies...which you have to tag on your favorites list. The charts for counted cross stitch are so fabulous and the books themselves are treasures to read. Please go to The Antique Pattern Library and see for yourself. Karin from NV posted it to our TGOSM group chat. She got it from another group. All that can be said is, whomever originally found it is awesome! A big thanks to her/him!!! Sorry I can't upload an image for'll just have to go peek yourself. :)) And, dream a little dream with me. Comments, please!!

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Connie said...

Thank you for this link! This will be quite a treasure trove to spend many hours contentedly exploring! Horray!