Friday, March 16, 2007

Freebies and RAK Registry

Have you seen this darling tiny pincushion and fob yet? It's on Caron Collection's classroom section on Lois Caron's site. The design is actually a Carol Tinson design and has finishing directions, which I am most in need of...though most of you are way past needing those! I just love the little pillowy look of both of these. They are from 2006, so you may already have to me.

Here is another one from the same section of Caron's site. I think I'm going to try using some flower thread I have on this one. I've been waiting for just the right thing to use it for. The color is Caron's Wildflower's "Pistachio Nut," although it has more lavender and mulberry running through it than "nut!"

I mailed my RAK Registry gifts off yesterday to my special stitching person! I was so delighted to do that. It was my very first time of taking part in a RAK group and I hope my person who receives it is happy with it. She's a delightful stitcher, whom I think most of you will recognize...maybe....we'll see when she gets the package and hopefully tells about it somehow...someway....hmmmm. The postmaster and I had alot of fun discussing the package and mailart, which is my next new attempt coming up before June. He seemed very excited about all the stitching happenings. He said people are always mailing odd things...the oddest he's had was a shoe, a single unpackaged shoe that was mailed around the country to several women. Never thought of that one!
Thanks for reading. Hope you like the above freebies as much as I did!


Isabelle said...

Those are lovely designs! Thank you for the heads up on those two freebies. I didn't know them. :)
I'm sure your RAK recipient will be thrilled! How sweet. It's always exciting to mail off a giftie!
Have a lovely weekend.

BeckySC said...

Hi :) I wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting my blog :) I have added you to my Google Reader :)

I love the freebies...I know of one of them, but not the other :) Thanks for sharing them :)

AS for the Wabbit charts...I am trying to aquire some others :) By Sheepish Designs :) There are a couple of cute ones that I want to get :) Those are th only two I have at this time....however, I do have a bunch of CC charts with 4 of those being Rabbit charts :) I had wanted to get the ones that are finished off into carrots stitched for Easter last year, but something else always caught my stitching attention :)

Nice meeting you :)