Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Got RAKed

This is really important to me. This evening I received my very first on earth, ever RAK from a friend in England. I was so stunned, and so touched that I started sobbing on the spot! It came as such a surprise, and it was a chart that I have had my eye on and couldn't afford to get anytime soon because of my extravagance this month on opalescent fabbies for my Chatelaine Designs pieces. You know, this RAK system touches people more than one could imagine. I never understood that until today.
I just want to pass that thought along to all of you who so generously sign up for such things and participate in exchanges, RAKs and such. We can always purchase things for ourselves, but when a stitching friend reaches out to us from beyond our immediate little world, it amazes and touches our spirit in ways unlike anything I've experienced. I'm very grateful. My heart is still feeling childlike and weak even now, I'm so happy someone thought of me in such a sweet way.

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Isabelle said...

I know what you mean!! My life has changed so much since I discovered the online community of stitchers. I used to stitch on my own and knew absolutely no one who stitched among my acquaintances and family.

What chart was it? Was that English friend anonymous?
It'll make stitching the design even more special! :)