Monday, February 12, 2007

Promised WIP Picture

I'm so happy to finally get this picture posted especially for my friend, Deb, who has been patiently waiting and believing me for it! LOL Had to give up on my DH taking the pic, poor thing, he's so upset because the realestate business is flat and horrible here in SW FL, that's all he can think about right now. So, my photo isn't as good as it should be, but at least it's here. As you can see, I was in a hurry to get it before the sun was down completely as I have no fancy equipment! I'm enjoying this little project so much, and I'm hoping my Hadley will cherish it someday because it has flavors of New England and the South in it...Grammie's travels with her needlework!

Today was a stitching day with my "Needlers" group. We meet every 2nd Monday of the month for a very casual stitch-in at 10AM. I took a needlepoint piece I travel well with which is an adaptation of a Matisse painting. Here's a picture of it with a few of the fancy threads used. I'm working with silks, silk and wool, DMC, metallics, rayons, hand-dyed ribbon, chenille, beads and crystals and sequins. She's going to be my interpretation of Matisse...and I am known amongst my stitching friends as "Tsarina of Sparkling Threads" so you know it's not gonna be subtle! But, aren't the French so fun and flamboyant anyway, like this picture!?
Btw, my stitching name used to be "Sparkling Fibers" until I went to a TNNA Convention and ANG meeting in MA a few years ago where we were taught most pointedly that all threads used on our handwork were "threads"...the things used to make them consisted of raw fibers. So there! :[

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