Monday, February 19, 2007

Chatelaine Designs Stitchers

There's hardly anything more heartwarming to me than chating online with my stitching friends. I find Chatelaine Design Stitchers some of the most humorous, kind-hearted and talented stitchers I've come across in more than 30 years of stitching. Martina Weber's designs are not for the faint of heart! She is an artist of the first order. Her designs are intricate and challenging to stitch. It's well known amongst the Chatelaine Stitchers that Martina's designs are simply addictive because the realilty of them is so much more fabulous than the computer pictures can ever capture. This alone is enough to bond us for life! And, yet there are other things that have bonded us through the years:
Some of us have known eachother long enough to have gone through breast cancer, divorce, child-birth, death of parents, children's graduations and weddings, loves found and lost, hurricanes, tornados and snowstorms, sunny days and gloomy days, torn up gardens and full grown rose gardens name it, we've shared it. We've shared stitches, and rippits, beading blunders and beading triumphs. We've put our money where it's counted, and we've counted for the money, and we've shared the counted pictures and told others how to count. We've held eachother up when we've been down, we've laughed together, we've cried together, we've cheered on the winners and the well-doers, and the newbies. And, most of all, we've been proud to be Chatelaine Design Stitchers! I'm so happy to have had this stitching group of friends. They mean so much to me, and have meant so much over the years. Whenever I look at my stash of Chatelaine designs, I feel great inside...we share a spirtual Chatelaine friends and I. {Above left is: Knotgarden Find more Chatelaine Designs at European Cross Stitch.}

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Katrina said...

What a sweet tribute! I think stitchers in general share a kinship that is unique :-).