Monday, February 19, 2007

Trip to France All Night

I spent the most luscious night 'til dawn this morning visiting France online. Lovely French bloggers treated me to wonderful views of richly photographed embroideries, fascinating flea markets, stitchery shops with ticking fabrics, a fantastic redwork sampler the size of a 6 ft. or more wall, and personal counted work pieces that were so precious in simply red or blue on white linen. They were generous in freebie charts, of which I took full advantage, hoping to stitch a blue on white piece in remembrance of my early dusk to dawn trip. Maybe I'll stitch a red on white smallie or two, as well. Which makes me think I should start a travel stitch journal!

One thing that struck me was how our French stitching friends so openly share the smallest details of their home lives. It was such a pleasure to see the newly baked breads and brie en croute' of stitchers alongside their pictures of handwork. I love the homeiness of shared small details like buttons and ribbon pieces, patched-up toile quilt squares yet unmade, strips of alphabet utility tape in cardboard boxes, rusty metal mini-tins and ancient bikes with soft celadon patina. It's encouraged me to share more here with you of everyday things that enchant me. I hope you'll take a "trip" to a foreign land some night and share with me the things you found.
(Note: Picture above is some fabrics in my stash & some of my English collectibles, and this picture to the right is my funny Monkey teapot collection...)

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jessica said...


These musings and thoughts are so beautiful to read. I am not a sticher, but reading your thoughts on the French neddleworkers was terrific. Your words are so light and delicate. Even your thoughts are full of vibrance and color! You make me want to see what you see. I loved the pictures of the English Tea Monkey's too! (Hey, where is the lamp! :)
Even your thoughts are beautiful Mom.