Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thread Heaven

I'm in Thread Heaven! My DH helped me unearth boxes marked "yarns, needlework threads, and charts" in the garage. They've been buried almost two years, since our move to FL. I've been desperate to find them...and living on DMC, Anchor, NPI silks and Au Ver a Soie alone!! Woe is me!! I really have had a dilemma because I'm a Chatelaine Designs Stitcher, and Martina uses lots of Waterlilies; and, I'm a sampler stitcher, and I need my GASTs, etc... I've tried to cope nicely without spending any money while I've waited and ferreted out the right boxes. My lucky day came on Saturday, and now I'm delighted and sleep-deprived. Also found a box filled with stitching magazines of all sorts dating back to the 1980's...this is a stitchers' treasure trove, so you know I've been up reading and marking pages. Anyway, I'm posting the following picture of some of my newly found stash, and then I'm off to bed. Someone, please be happy for me. This really feels so good and I've needed a good thing after the last few years I've been having!!


Isabelle said...

Oh wow! You could open a shop :) It's a caverne d'Ali-Baba, as we say in French. I can well understand your happiness and finding that treasure again. This is such a beautiful picture.

Anne forwarded me your comment on the RAK blog - thank you for your kindness! :)

Congrats on starting a blog. I'm looking forward to following it and to get to know you :)

Patti said...

Ok I'm definitely coming to your house. Homemade chicken soup - my future dil makes it too (she's kosher) but I haven't made it in years and years and years (maybe I should dh loves it) and your threads!!! WOW oh WOW girl. I'm definitely coming to your house now all I need is a new passport (cause mine has expired) and the flight money and oh yeah loads of spending money to buy more stash (like I need it NOT). Speak soon.

Lots of love
Patti xxx

Jacque said...

I just found your blog and had to invest in a new blouse for the drool over this picture! Lucky you...oh what I'd do with that floss! : )

debrainct said...

You girls should be jealous -- Deb used to live near me and I would literally drool over her "stash"! Deb is definitely one creative lady!

Love you and miss you,