Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ackworth Quaker School Samplers Revisited

While sorting through those newly rediscoved garage boxes, lo and behold, an Ackworth Quaker School Sampler!! I couldn't believe it. Evidently, I had purchased this one for my stash some years ago and had forgotten altogether that it was an Ackworth. I did remember I had a nice Quaker sampler, I'm not that bad about my stash, people!! :) Anyway, the piece is: Ann Grimshaw 1818, Ackworth Quaker School Sampler, Reproduced by: The Scarlet Letter
"Ann Grimshaw stitched this sampler on a plain weave woolen ground, using only black silk floss, in cross and eyelet stitches." I decided to make mine in deep red silk, but I recall my friend chosing to do hers in black DMC. I'm going to start this one tonight on R&R 36 ct. Light Expresso. They actually have it reproduced on 40 ct.

Another interesting thing: "The origin of the geometric medallions used on this, and many other Quaker samplers, has not yet been discovered, but it might possibly have something to do with providing a hands-on, practical lesson in applied geometry, as these motifs are very carefully calculated amalgams of isosceles triangles, parallelograms, and other precisely fitted geometric shapes."

All I can say is that my geometry teacher would be shocked to find out that I am involved with anything having to do with geometric shapes or applied geometry of any sort!! He was the guy who felt desperately sorry for me in 11th grade, gave me a D- just to pass me out of the course, and told me never to take another math class as long as I lived because there was no point in it.
:p Mr. Lynn, if you're reading this....how amazing is this!!!???


Katrina said...

Too funny, geometry was it for me too. I love that piece and I think it will be gorgeous in red.

Cathy C said...

I was actually doing a search for Sarah Moon when I found y our comment on Ackworth and looked at your blog. I am a stitcher too, so glad I found your location. I also have a blog...if you care to venture there :-). So when can we see what your Ann Grimshaw looks like in red. I bought that chart a few years ago and used part of the motifs for a Round Robin I was in. I have yet to finish that RR because I get distracted with other projects so easily. This year I hope to finish it. Hope you will post a pic of your progress soon..it would be wonderful in red. BTW, what red did you pick for it?

Cathy C