Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You Wanna Comma My House?

There's work being done at my house, people! Serious work! There's no sluffin' off on the job and layin' back! There's no room on my sectional sofa for people to lounge or put their feet up. Take note of the attached picture of a happy home filled with stitchery draped and adorned upon one's every surface of homefurnishings. Yes, I did say I'm a retired interior designer...and I rest my case. Forget that I sometimes gaze off (that's called "zoning out" to our kids...) in amazement that my DH hasn't complained at least once about all of this mess!!! I really need to get that man a medal. Maybe we need a contest: can someone please give me some words to put on a T-shirt for him?? Write in the comments for me what you think the shirt should say, he deserve a little something.

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