Saturday, February 10, 2007

After midnight in the garden

Well, here it is, my first post as "Lavender Rose Ramblings." It's good to know I have a journal online, even if there may be nobody else up at this hour thinking about counted crosstitch and WIPs, novels and patterns, and how I can find more space to play in an already stuffed to the gills house.

New stash enhancers came this week and I hope to start a "small" tomorrow:

CHS (My all time fav. designer!) "Fall's Gifts" & "The Gingham Dog & Calico Cat" and..she has new charts coming & I can't wait See!!

FancyWorks "Whitman's Tin Sewing Set" and "Christmas 2002"

EEF "Christmas Spot"

Blue Ribbon Designs "Valentine Wishes" (a little late starting on these this yr.)

Cat's Whisters "Shades of Blue Willow"

Ackworth School "Sarah Moon's Quaker Sampler & Pinwheel Project"

I have really looked holes in these Ackworth Samplers & due to the similarities, I like Sarah's best. Although, it was so hard to choose!! Maybe I'll be able to stitch them all someday.

My latest cravings have to do with finishing my WIPs and starting all things quaker and small.
I even went out to get Valentine's Day cards and saw a Whitman's Sampler box that I really, really needed to keep my new little smalls that I'll be stitching safe and snug! My DH looked at me funny when I dumped all the candy in a baggie and told him I was giving it to our friends next door. :) That does it! I'm starting a Valentine Wish first thing tomorrow.


jessica said...

I am so proud! You are so 2007! This blog is so cool. This coming from the Ramblin' Roses' daughter, Fern. :)
Rock on Mom. You are the best.

The Cabbage Rose said...

Oh, my little Kocat, thank you. You make my heart sing. I'll have to post your picture one of these days! Mom