Monday, February 26, 2007

Chicken Soup & Rice, Anna Nicole and the Oscars

While boiling up some chicken soup from scratch last night and finishing it off tonight, in more ways than one, I decided to take some new pictures of my stitching progress. It was a busy night for me. My mind was spinning between Nancy Grace and her reports on poor Anna Nicole and the fate of baby Daniellyn, Jennifer Hudson (our girl from American Idol...I felt like she was from my hometown!), and making dinner. BTW, there was also that little aside having to do with the "frivolous law suit" against my DH and a rental property he owned 10 years ago that just reared its ugly head just in time to foil my plot to add more opalescent fabric to my stash!!!

Back to the chicken soup which was/is pretty tangy as it had several cooked down and mashed cloves of garlic (my DH's fav.), plenty of rough ground pepper, a wild and brown rice blend and lemon at the end. I only put celery, onion and carrots in for veggies this time...and some chicken boullion to enrich the taste. I started with boiling the carcase of the chicken, naturally, with onion and celery. :)) Yummy. We like sourdough bread with it.

So, while I wait for my Ben and Jerry's "Banana Split" ice cream to melt a little so I can spoon some/alot into a bo
wl, I'll download a pic or two of my stitching.
The top picture is the 2nd part of my Colonial Coverlet piece by Carolyn Standing Webb (see older blog), it's the Pocket. I'm about 1/3rd finished with it. Next to it on my strawberry pincushion is my very first little biscornu-to-be! The chart for which I downloaded as a freebie from a very generous site: I'm grateful to friends who shared the site with me.
Here to the right is one of my needlepoint pieces finished this summer and still waiting for me to decide what to do with it! I have so many needlepoint pillows, I'm sure I don't need another one...and this has lots of embellishments, so I'm thinking. Any ideas??? I'm back to stitching on my biggies: "And They Sinned" tonight and tomorrow.

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debrainct said...

What color are you using for the Coverlet series?

Can you suggest a color for me???

Love, Deb