Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"And They Sinned," or This One's For You

"And They Sinned" by Examplars From the Heart
A better complete picture is found
on the blogspot mentioned below.

This one is absolutely for you, Laurie and Patti, my new stitchin' buddies and self-prescribed "partners in crime." We've decided to do or die. We've decided to stitch this piece or else. It's going to kill us, or we're gonna kill it. Right, girls!? We've forged a new bond, a new Sisterhood of the Sinful Stitchers, if you will. Every month, the first week of the month, we've pledged an oath to eachother to stitch only on our ATS sampler until it's finished. As you can see, I'm nearly, almost 1/3rd finished, maybe....
And so, the call goes out far and near to all who read this note. Are you one of the brave, do you have what it takes to raise your platinumn needle to the sky and take a pledge of truth and honesty for the Sisterhood of Sinful Stitchers???? If you do and you can, go to http://andtheysinned.blogspot.com/ and add your name to the fateful list.

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