Saturday, May 12, 2007


I'm really not missing in action, I've just been really trying to get my HAED RR out the door and my Hello Neighborhood RR planned and organized!!

Also, I just received the most beautiful RAK today, and I have to photograph it for you so you can OOOooo and Ahhh tomorrow! It's now 2:30 AM here and I have to get to bed! I want to slip a quick thank you to Sonja, though, and to tell her that it is the most beautiful biscornu on earth! It is really the only hand-stitched gift I've ever received. I simply adore it! And all the goodies with it, too. I'm posting a pic. in the morning!!

This is about what I'm looking like these days, except I wouldn't dare wear a bikini!! LOL

Thank you for keeping up with my comings and goings! Deb


Kajsa said...

I can't wait to see a picture! One of these days I'm going to try to do a biscornu.

To funny, I feel a bit chunky too and I have to go out and find another swimsuit this year. That's my least favorite thing to do!

Anne S said...

I saw that picture and thought you'd been taking shots through my bedroom window ... then I remembered I don't have a bikini either ;) Can't wait to see your goodies - it's lovely that you've received a RAK, you're always doing wonderful things for others :D

BeckySC said...

ROFL @ Anne!!! You are too funny!!!

I can't wait to see your gift, Deb!

Have a great weekend :)

Vonna said...

No Anne is mistaken...that's me in my Victoria's Secrets panties and bra...I WAS having a good hair day that day!

Isabelle said...

Can't wait to see your RAK, Deb. I can't believe you never received a hand-stitched gift before.
As for the plump lady - well, she seems happy with herself, and that what's make her fabulous! What's wrong with curves!

Barbara said...

I agree with Isabelle - curves are beautiful! (Okay, I wouldn't dare wear a bikini myself either, but if I did, I hope I could pull it off with as much happiness as this joyful lady!)

Annemarie said...

Enough about the bikini'd lady! We ALL look like this, I think. Well, apart from Isabelle of course :o)
Deb, show us your biscornu!

tkdchick said...

I think I have that same figure!~

Patti said...

Oh you so deserve this my little friend. I just want to know where they got that photo of me to chart!
Patti x