Friday, May 4, 2007

Barnes & Noble Shopping Trip

Yesterday, I treated myself to a bookstore trip because I had to see my doctor for an annual physical. I have a fair bit of Cherokee blood in me, and the ancients must have had an aversion to modern methods which has carried down to me...I believe in self-healing and the right foods and sunshine. Or, so I say!!:))

Anyway, here's what I found at B&N, and I'm so thrilled! I'm an opera buff. I started loving opera when I lived in Jacksonville, FL, some years ago, as a single woman and interior designer. My bf at the time (and still a close friend, Kate, also an IDer) and I used to go to them whenever we could. And, Madame Butterfly is a favorite of mine...not Kate's!

Opera, if you've never gone and think you don't like it, to me is alot about art and set design, and costuming, as well as the storyline and finally the music! It's not just the music, in other words. I found this great little book all about Puccini, his bio. on Madame Butterfly, the history of the opera, a line by line translation, and the CDs of the music!!! Lots of pics, all for $20!!

The actual opera by Puccini opened on February 1, 1893, in Milan, Italy. It was called, Manon Lescaut, and was performed throughout Europe and South America in the following years as a sensation.

"A seemingly simple tale about a young Japanese girl and her love for an American soldier who is careless with her devotions, Butterfly is brought to life and eventually to her death by Puccini's powerfully heartbreaking music. many aspects of the human experience...overwhelming love, unbearable loss, rejection, motherhood, and clashing cultural ideals...with tenderness, honesty, and poingnance." It's a tragic story of love and mismatched cross-cultural understanding of honor and dishonor.

The lower pic to the left is of Cary Grant playing the Lt. in a 1933 movie version with Sylvia Sydney. Who knew! I've never seen it.

I hope, if you've never tried opera, you'll treat yourself, too. If you just hate it on CD...take it back!

BTW, I love you guys!! Thank you for your dear comments on my stitching and picture. I don't deserve all the praise, but I soak it in because it means you're my friends...and I love that most of all!!

Thanks to Carol, Katrina, Becky, Wendy, Vonna, Von, Dani, Lizzy, 'Lena, Isabelle, Barbara, Anne, Deb, Julie, Tannia, Jo, Patti, and others (I know I'm leaving someone out and I apologize!!!) who have made my first months of blogging so precious to me by reading and leaving notes so regularly. You are forever my stitching friends and I know you're there.



Vonna said...

You are quite welcome! :) :) :) :o)

BeckySC said...

OHHH, I love B&N :)
We are SO glad to have you in the blogging community :) WE loves ya :)

Barbara said...

I hope everything turned out okay with the annual physical! And I envy your B&N trip! ;)

Lavender Rose said...

Barbara, Annual physicals are the pits...blah!!!:p But, I'm fine. It's the "afterwards" tests they make us take that I hate!! Deb

Anne S said...

I can't say I join you with your love of opera ;P but I can say I do join you with the love of blogging and the pals made through it - it makes each day more special. I may not comment as much as I used to these days, but I'm still out here reading ;) {{hugs}}

Lizzy said...

You're such a sweet and thoughtful, friend, Deb! And I love that piccy of you, btw! You're just gorgeous! :-)

Oh, and I love B&N! Other than an LNS... it's my favourite shoppe to while away an afternoon or evening... Latte in one hand, book in another... ;-)

Love and {{{Hugs}}}

Isabelle said...

Deb, opera is my passion, too! (well, one of them anyway. I'm a woman of many passions, each equally deep!).
Manon Lescaut is a different opera than Madama Butterfly. It is based on a French novel. (you can read here if you're interested). I like it better actually. Used to sing it all the time (I know the first two acts by heart - used to do a lot of singing when I was younger). If you can find it, by all means, buy it. There is also a wonderful, wonderful video recording of it with Kiri Te Kanawa and Placido Domingo.

Isabelle said...

Oops, I meant: "you can read more about it here if you're interested." :)