Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Please Help With the Choice

I have to say that I've never struggled so much over a choice before. It's not in my nature, as my best friend, Deb in CT, will tell you!! I'm used to changing colors and things about patterns and needlepoint like I really know what I'm doing!! LOL

But, I want this one to be very special since it's for Hadley, my grandbaby. So, I really need your input.

Do I stick with the traditional and authentic sampler colors as shown on the chart and at Ackworth School, or do I try to personalize?

Here are my first choices: The thread that's lavender blueish is called "Blueberry." Found it in my local needlepoint shop. It's made of soy fibers and is hand-dyed. I chose the solid and the varigated to work with. It has a very soft hand like silk, but it's a mid-hue strengh in actual color somewhere between DMC and Sampler Threads or such. It's the only color like this I've seen. I tried to match it up with Waterlilies, AuVeraSoie, and others, but it's really unique to their dyepot.

Then, there's the NeedleNecessities handdyed. I like its wide range of browns if I'm going in that direction. The plain mono-colors just tend to bore me to death to work with in larger pieces.

I've also tried to give you pics of the inside and outside of the chart itself, which I'm really loving!

My other option is to hand-paint the threads myself with dye. I've been wanting to try that and it might be a fun place to start. I might get a better brownish variation in subtle color that way. I bet the Ackworth School dyed their own! Can always use them elsewhere if they don't work.

I think I want to lightly spot-dye the linen, as well, to get a look like it was stitched in the 1800's.

Help!! I really want your honest opinions. Don't be afraid to brainstorm with me!
Hugs, and thanks for stopping by,


Isabelle said...

Oh my! I really love that Blueberry thread!! I'm probably not good advice, as I'm very partial to blue. What I would do would be to use that wonderful blue shade and indeed, spot-dye the linen with tea.
Dying your thread sounds fun, but it might be wiser to try it out on a smaller project, so you are sure whether you like the result and how the thread develops over time. This is a heirloom sampler - better make sure the colours will be durable and not "bleed" onto the fabric.

Heidi said...

The very first SAL I ever partcipated in was a Quaker sampler and one of the ladies did hers in overdyed blues from Carrie's threads. It became more amazing as she stitched. I think since this is for your grandson, the blues would be nice. I don't know if I would spot-dye this if you choose the varigated look. It may take away from the thread itself. Now I must admit I was always a diehard DMC fan until only recently so I am not sure how good of advice I can give you but so far I like the overdyes on simple white, ivory or cream backgrounds.

Katrina said...

I'd probably do the blue, I think a bit of variegation will be gorgeous but not too, too much, JMHO :-).

Vonna said...

Well I'm a blue girl myself Deb...so I think that doing it in blue would be great ;)
Also I think staining the fabric is a great idea! I buy ivory linen by the bolt and stain it using instant coffee and tea,then I baste and bake it in the oven at 200 degrees...flipping and basting it every 15 minutes...it gives it a lovely mottled, aged look....want to know more? drop me a line...plus look on my blog...a lot of my projects are done on my fabric :)

Vonna said...

Whoops! Forgot to mention....WELCOME to the Neighborhood RR...I saw that you are now a part of Group 1. I'm the team leader of Group 2.
Glad to have you join us!

Julie said...

Deb, I really like the blue. The thread color you picked out for the coverlet is perfect, so I'm sure your choice in the blue threads will be perfect too.

BeckySC said...

I think the blue will look just fabulous for this design, and what an heirloom for your grandaughter :)

Itching To Stitch said...

Well personally, I like the blue thread on that fabric, I think it is stunning. But dying your own threads, now that would be pretty cool too.

Sari said...

I think I prefer the blue colour as well. But I'm pretty sure that what ever the colour you're going to choose, the design will look absolutely fabulous.

Michelle said...

I love the Blueberry, but I also like the idea of trying your hand at hand-painting the threads. Do some testing, but if you don't like it, the Blueberry is a winner!

Barbara said...

A word of caution - make sure you use a protective glass if you use fabric or fibers that aren't colorfast. It would be sad to see your beautiful finished project fade away...

Lavender Rose said...

Thanks everyone for your blessings about the Blueberry. I'll let you know how it is to stitch with Soy!! LOL I'm going to go ahead and stain the fabbie as Von suggests. I feel better about coloring outside the borders with all of you on my side. :))
Hugs, Deb

The Silver Thistle said...

I'm a bit late to the party........but I'd go with the blueberry too. It looks lush!

I think the spot dying is a fantastic idea and when I finally get around to stitching Paradigm lost, I'll do it on a similar fabric. I'd like it to look like Carol's (garden of stitches) as hers looks like it's 200 years old already and that's the look I LOVE!

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