Monday, April 16, 2007

Asian Market Shopping

DH and I stopped off at a great little Asian Market tonight after dinner. It was a darling little shop with alot of hand-selected specialty items. I found these treasures!

The small, yellow silk pocket has 2 sections (one zippered) and snaps in front with this pretty plum-colored ribbon decoration. I thought it was so pretty for the price, and it's perfect for my scissors and new Zecca fobbie! If anyone wants one, just email me. They came in peacock blue and red, as well as this yellow.

These fans are so pretty in person, too. There were several women painted ones, but I had to choose one lady (you know, with DH along...frugality is the name of the game! LOL). The other fan is painted on silk organdy and the "spokes" are carved, which you can't really see in the pic. well. It was a fun little treasure hunt for me! I'll go back there again.

Also, I'm so proud to give you this update on my weekend stitching of "Colonial Coverlet," the sewing pieces. This is the folding pocket, which is very close to being finished! I think another night of stitching and it will be there. This is photoed against the white to show you the hand-dyed's a soft taupey color on the cream. Doesn't really show well here...I guess I'm really not a photographer, girls!On another topic, my thoughts and prayers are with those of you in the Midwest, South and Eastern Seaboard as you weather these stormy days. If this is any example of "April Showers Bring May Flowers," we ought to have a bumper crop! I pray each of you and your families are kept safe. I hope your homes are safe, as well.

Deb, keep warm in CT, too! Hugs and warmest regards to each of you.


Isabelle said...

Lovely purchases! :) We live one block from Belleville, which is Paris's Chinatown (one of them). We have lots of bazars like that and for me the only way to resist is really to steer clear of them! Otherwise our flat would be chock-full of those goodies :)

Meari said...

Those oriental items are very pretty, Deb. It brought back memories of things my mother brought back from Okinawa when I was a teenager. I still have the fans and jewelry boxes she brought from her homeland.

The Silver Thistle said...

Great finds Deb! I can't resist those little treasure shops either. We used to have a great Emporioum where I lived before, but there's nothing like that where I am now.....which is probably a good thing, since I'm a bit of a pack rat collector, lol.

Anonymous said...