Monday, April 30, 2007

April's Final WIP Posting

I just want to give you a look at the progress on my last rotation piece for April. This is the one I haven't shown you for the month. It is, of course, "Mermaid of the Pearls," and she's been rather neglected for a couple of months as I've been working on other things. But, I picked her up this weekend and was reminded how much I love stitching on her.

I stitched her tail section, her tummy and part of her fin/gill attached to her back. See my new seahorse needlekeeper? I love it!
Stash: This to the lower right is my newest stash. It's the new Whitman's tin collection of tiny bits, some Workbaskets for my Neighborhood RR and a couple of Angel tops for my RR, too. My Neighborhood is going to be starting June 1st, so I'm in high-drive to get it started!!
Mailart: I really have to work on my Mailart starting this week. I have my design planned out. It's going to be fairies. And, I'm stitching it on banding fabric. It's my first Mailart piece, so I'm hoping it meets the expectation. When I finish stitching, I'll post it.
Good luck with your stitching plans for May! I'm eagerly awaiting your blogs and photos for the month. You know how I love to come visit you, and I make it a point of seeing you often because you're my friends!
Hugs, and happy stitching! Wish me luck, too!! Deb


Michelle said...

Beautiful progress on MotP. She is such a beautiful piece - I have her in my stash.

BeckySC said...

MotP is looking lovely. The colors are great! I too have her in my stash as my DD wants me to stitch her.

Barbara said...

Love the gentle colors in MoTP! And I can't wait to see your MA!!

tkdchick said...

The colours for your mermaid are so pretty.

Great new stash! I love stash!

Julie said...

You won't need luck! Everything you stitch is lovely. I look forward to seeing the pictures of your neighborhood RR. Is there a place I can visit, a site or blog that has pictures of completed RR? I'd love to see some.

Itching To Stitch said...

Love your Mermaid of the Pearls, very pretty. It's always so nice to get stash, isn't it?

Lizzy said...

MoTP is stunning, Deb! I have her in my stash and hopefully will get to her one day! :-) Love the fabby you are stitching her on!

I can't wait to see your NRR... I so want to join in on one of these... but just missed out on this one... hopefully, I'll catch the next one! :-)