Sunday, February 8, 2009

A No-Go on "Tom"

Nope. No catching PT last night. DH was home and in his study which faces right out front of the house, and he had his blinds up and his lights on. So, I'm sure PT wasn't going to take a chance in that case. We'll have to wait until DH is away working...

More sleuthing this week found this out: My BF, Elaine (who I mentioned in earlier entries has and is in remission from lung cancer...Yay!) told me there was a man during the day who walked in back of her house near her LR/great room side of the house. I asked her if she recognized him. "No," she said. I asked her why she thought the man was walking there. She had no idea except she thought he might be taking a "short cut to a neighbors house down the way." I reminded her there was no short cut. It's the same distance to walk down our sidewalks. Elaine said she leaves her blinds all open at night, too. And, there's very little grass to walk on because Elaine's house backs up to our pond!

So, now I'm wondering since we've caught on to him on this side of the street, if he's decided to go across the street! Elaine lives across the street and about 8 houses down from me. I warned her to close her blinds..particularly her bedroom ones because she is in the bed watching tv at night until late.

The story continues.....maybe I've just read too many Nancy Drews and murder mysteries in my life, but I'm determined to solve this mystery!!

It was good to hear how you all do your stitching! I know Nicole once told me she listens to books on tape and also stitches in the car when she's picking her boys up from school while she's waiting.

Speaking of books, here is what I'm nearly finished reading for this week. I'm just stuck on Patricia Cornwell for a binge reading time! I've read several of her books in the past, but I think she's gotten to be a better writer these days. I highly recommend this one. My next one is her new one, "Scarpetta." Then, I'm probably going back to my classics with some new award winners in between.

Did I tell you about this very unusual one? I was fascinated with it. It did win an award which one I can't remember at the moment. And, I don't want to fetch it while I'm blogging. But, it was a wonderful psychological and coming of age book. I really loved this one, though the title isn't the best seller, I think.

BTW, it's fun seeing several of you on Facebook! And, thanks to Juls for that darling little monster hug!! LOL Come and join us those of you who haven't already!

Off to check Facebook.... Hugs, Deb


Nicole said...

Hi Deb,

Oh man, I can't believe you are having to deal with some weirdo hanging around your house. Hopefully he has gone away!

I was just thinking of listening to some Patricia Cornwell books. My mom loves them and she keeps telling me I need to read them. She also keeps telling me I need to read Elizabeth George, which is her absolute favorite.

Glad to see you posting. I'll have to find you on Facebook! :)

Nicole :)

mainely stitching said...

You should not be reading P. Cornwall with a peeper lurking about - you'll give yourself nightmares! LOL!

karenv said...

LOL @ Barbara's comment - I quite agree!

I hope they catch him soon - stay safe!

tintocktap said...

OK - you've persuaded me - be my friend on Facebook, please?

At this rate maybe you'll have everyone on your street looking out for Tom - maybe that'll scare him off!

Under the circumstances, I think I'd find Patricia Cornwell a bit scary too! Have you ever tried reading Ian Rankin's Rebus novels? I love them and the city of Edinburgh can come across as a character as much as any of the people.

Annemarie said...

Here I was, fully expecting you'd caught the b******. You know, if I were you, I'd let the husband stay home and lurk right beside you. The *he* could go out and catch him or do something else heroic. Well, anyway. I hope he gets caught soon. Ejoy that reading!

Anonymous said...

Love to see your blog!!
Cross stitch

Courtney said...

I just finished's not her best work. I've read all her other was one of my resolutions last year. I pick a few authors and read all their books.

If you want some good mystery/thrillers - check out Jeffrey Deaver. He wrote the book "The Bone Collector," that was made into a movie with Angelina Jolie. His books are AMAZING.

Brigitte said...

I read Out Stealing orses last year and was completely fascinated by the book. I loved the author's style and the story.

Juls said...

Please be careful!!!!! Thinking of you lots! thanks for your well wishes! The meds are working...I just need to take them!!!! xoxo