Saturday, February 7, 2009

5 Addictions Tag

Some time ago, Patti (Tapestry of Dreams), I call her "Queenie," tagged me to tell what my 5 addictions are and then to tag 5 other people. Here are mine not necesseserily in this order:
1. Needlework (Cross Stitch and Needlepoint)
2. My precious children and grands
3. Books of every genre
4. Jewelrymaking
5. Quilts and quilting
Here are my tagged stitching buddies:
1. Deb (Cattails)
2. Juls
3. Nicole
4. Martha
5. Glenna
I hope this doesn't bother them!
Today was a blog-visiting day. It really takes a whole day, doesn't it?! I still didn't make it all the way through, so I have more to visit tomorrow or Monday. I love to do that, but, as you know, I've been out of touch lately.
Hope to stitch up a storm tonight!! I've tevoed/saved several tv programs and movies so I'll be watching them and stitching until early into the morning, I guess. I like to stay up very late so I can read and stitch. I'm lucky that I can sleep in until 10-11AM, though, so I can catch up! Don't like to stitch during the day for some reason.
Are you a day or night stitcher? Where do you stitch? When you stitch, how long do you usually stitch at one sitting? Do you watch tv, listen to music or listen to books on tape...or sit quietly? Just wondering....

I stitch in my recliner with my Dazor magnifer light in the evening. I usually stitch 2 hrs. or more at a time. Then, I have a snack break and start stitching again for about another 1/2 an hour or an hour. I watch/listen to tv. Or, in recent time, I'll be trying to capture a peeping tom! The wretch...

Have a good Sunday! Hugs, Deb


Von said...

Ah, Deb, you live such a very civilized life sleeping in till 10 or 11 a.m. :D If I could I'd like to get up around 7:30-8, but on school days its definitely 6 a.m. I'm generally an evening stitcher, but do like to take a break to stitch a bit during the day, if possible.

Hope Tom is caught this weekend!

Patti said...

You know what Deb - blog visiting doesn't have to take a whole day. They have this new Gadget if you go into customize that's called a Blog List and you can choose to select when people update their blogs and that way you don't have to go into every single blog but just a few each day. It took a while for me to transfer them all over but I did it and it's been a boon because I only look at the ones that are updated each day so saves bags of time.

I too hope Tom was caught last night - what a terrible thing to have to contend with. Keep safe my little friend and no heroics please. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Patti said...

I forgot about answering your question. I'm an anytime stitcher and I really like stitching during the day when the light is really good. Patti xxx

Susimac said...

Great question Deb, I stitch whenever I can but usually when I get in from work so all evening until bed time and usually the tv is on in the background, If I'm on my own through the day and stitching I sit in silence.

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb,
How terrifying for you. I know many years ago I was watching TV while my DH and sons were asleep and I had somebody try to open the front door. That really scared me. They only did it once though.
I usually stitch at night while watching TV, but on the weekends especially Sundays if I am not doing anything I can stitch for hours after doing my work. - Sandra.

Cindy F. said...

I was so hoping the PT had been caught! But glad you're getting the word to your friends and you're looking out, being careful!
I stitch a little in the day, but mostly at night and with the t.v. on. I need the noise. I really think I'd be a much faster stitcher if I'd turn it off and stitch to the radio or books on tape like your friend! Good idea:) Thanks for sharing!
Stay safe!!

Cindy said...

Great stitching questions! I answered them in my latest blog post :)

tintocktap said...

I don't really get much time to stitch except in the evenings and then only for about 1 - 2 hours - never enough time! MY DH and DS are usually watching TV, DD is asleep and I just switch off and relax with my stitching. Although these days, I'm also getting in an hour or so at lunchtime at work as a sanity check!

Miokka said...

I'm an any time stitcher. I don't really have a favorite time to stitch. I usually sit on the sofa in the family room with my feet propped up and listen to tv or out on the laini with my music. Just depends on what the weather is like, what is on tv or how much clothing I have on! I stitch for an hour or 2 at a time, but will stitch for 15 minutes if that is all the time I have. Hope you solve your mystery soon!

Lynn said...

My stitching habits are pretty well identical to yours. I can only stitch evenings because of my work schedule. However I do like to stitch by the front window early in the morning on the weekends before the sun gets too bright. It's usually pretty peaceful then and I can get more accomplished.