Thursday, November 1, 2007

I love hearing from YOU!!

Thank you so much for all your comments on Jack. My DD and I call him the "peapod." :) And, I hope you really try the quiche, it's easy and gooood! Thank you for stopping by and leaving me notes. Love you all!

Above is the really sweet gift "for the new Grammie" I received from my friend, Juls, in Las Vegas a couple of days ago!! What a surprise it was! I couldn't believe it! I'll be seeing Juls when I go see Jack in November. She and I are going stash hunting at her LNS, and are going to do some serious stitching and real life chatting together!!! Can't wait, and I'm so grateful for the gift and the gorgeous threads....:) Thank you, Juls. Love them.

Here to the left are some new charts I've added to my stash. You know what a Jane Austen fan I I couldn't resist the new "Mrs. Darcy..." I love all of the Sampler Girl designs about Jane & Mr. Darcy and the President's Wives. Not to change the subject....but can you imagine Bill Clinton as the First Husband??? Yikes!! God only knows what he'll be cookin' up in the White House this time! ...another subject...another time...

Probably all of you know of this particular Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly Fall 2007 issue, but on the off chance that my European friends do not, I wanted to show it to you. Lauren Sauer has a fantastic little Album as seen on the cover and here:
It's "an intricately crafted keepsake book...modeled after several mid-nineteenth century Plymouth, Massachusetts, samplers...and from samplers made in Scituate, Massachusetts, in the early nineteenth century." There are detailed graphs and charts to stitch and to finish the "Album;" and, you can order the little scrimshaw sewing pieces you see with it, too! The scrimshaws are handmade by a woman on Martha's Vineyard, I believe. This cover shows part 2 of the piece; part 1 was in the Summer 2007 Issue.
Another wonderful piece in the Magazine this Issue, Tsunami Charity Sampler was designed by Martina Dey of Stickideen von der Wiehenburg in Germany...many of us already know her wonderful designs and her generosity. She donated all proceeds of this design to victims of the Dec. 2004 tsunami in SE Asia. In this Issue, the sampler is converted to Hand Dyed silks. The chart is full in the Issue. It's a gorgeous piece stitched over one!

I'm showing you this S&ANQ Magazine because it's really a premier stitching magazine for samplers and interesting, educational articles and small stitching projects. If any of you have an interest in ordering it, you can inquire at:

Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly, PO Box 8458, Red Oak, IA 51591-3458 According to the order blank, it says: 1 year (4 quarterly issues) $24.95 plus Canada $10 postage, and other countries outside US add $20 postage. Pay in US funds.
If you only want the this particular Issue I've shown you, you can contact:
Golden Needle, 1225 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 Owner:
Cathy Lyon Phone: (800) 816-0679 Cathy may also be able to get you the Summer 2007 Issue for Part 1 of the Album, as well. Or, contact me:
Probably said enough!!! Love and hugs, Deb


Georgie said...

I too love Jane Austen....I must check out the new pattern myself! LOL I want to start that new pattern in SANQ. I ordered the scrimshaw set, but haven't received them yet

Heidi said...

Tanya's patterns are amazing and she is such a sweet lady herself! You will enjoy stitching them.

Congratualations on the birth of your grandson! I know you will be bursting to get there and cuddle with him.

Now about Bill Clinton...can you imagine him at the inagural ball in a gown and high heeled shoes...LOL!

Hope you have a Happy Halloween and thanks for your comments on my blog. Want to come and be my neighbor on the Shetland Islands?

~~ Heidi ~~

Sally said...

Wow lovely new stash Deb and how sweet of Juls to send you the chart and threads:)

That magazine looks brilliant. I love the keepsake book.

Thank you for your comment on my blog:) I did see you had awarded me with the You Make Me Smile Award but I wasn't sure it was actually me. I am humbled to think that somebody would choose me and you are the second person who has so thank you {{{{hugs}}}}

Barbara said...

Hey Deb, great to see a post from you! And your new stash is SUPER! :D

Give my best to Jessica, who I believe has a big day tomorrow. Thinking of you all!!!

Lelia said...

Jack is beautiful!!! SAN-Q is a fantastic publication.

Cheryl said...

How lovely of Juls to send you that great gift!!

The Silver Thistle said...

Debs! I almost didn't recognise you with your new blog-frock,lol.

You sound tickled pink at the arrival of your new grandson!!! And you've every reason to be :D

Sending a Scottish Welcome to little Jack!

That album is just fab. I really love that one. Are you going to stitch it?

(The parcel with the goodies *wink*, arrived safe and sound)

Seriously though, it's all great and I've started the book already! Brianna loves the little cat kit because it reminds her of dear Puss Puss, so she says a big thank you too :)

Your parcel from me should only be a few streets away from you by now........or very close anyway, lol

Stephanie said...

What a lovely gift from Juls, and great stash too - I have that Stitching Parlor needlebook in my stash, just waiting for the perfect moment to start stitching it :)

tkdchick said...

Stitchy gifts are the best gifts ever!

Juls said...

Glad it arrived safe and sound!!! I am looking forward to our visit!!!!

tintocktap said...

Love the Lady Lazarus chart - the colours look like such fun!

You're right about the little album too - a beautiful little keepsake.

tintocktap said...

Forgot to say, I've 'come clean' about my secret!