Saturday, November 3, 2007

Stitchey Weekend Ahead

Don't tell me...I know I shouldn't...but I just received this beautiful chart and I'm kitting it up tonight and starting it. Even if I'm up all night again, Helen and Patti!! Isn't it to die for? You, too, can order it at: from Isabelle was 15 euros and then I had to pay 2.2 euros post. It was so worth it!!!

Yes, Patti and Helen caught me on an "all-nighter" this week when I was trying to catch up with all of your blogs! Sometimes I have terrible insomnia, and I just go with the flow and enjoy a computer time...catch up with all of you and have a happy time of commenting. Patti and I had fun instant messaging, and Helen sent me an email saying she couldn't figure out if I was "just up very early" or if I had stayed up all night! LOL It was kind of fun. Soooo, if any of you are night-owls, you can always see if I'm up, too. I probably am. It's 12:45 AM here right now.

Stitching Goals for the Weekend:

1) Kit up "Berthe Massiet" and make a start on it

2) Finish kitting up Glendon "Pumpkin..."

3) Stitch a bit on Jessica's "Mermaid of the Pearls"

4) Stitch a bit on "Marie Antoinette Sampler"

Finally, I leave you with these two pictures of my sweet little granddaughter, Hadley, who was a lambie for Halloween. She's the one who's getting the toile quilt with the Fair & Square stitched pieces in it!

I hope everyone has a pefectly wonderful stitchey weekend ahead! Deb


Georgie said...

I love Reflets de soie things and I love the little lamby! How cute! She is so lucky to be receiving your toile quilt. I read about this on the blog and love your idea

Isabelle said...

Dear Deb... I have been away from too long and have missed out on a whole lotta things in your corner of the world!! Seems my feedsreader wasn't picking up your feed anymore. I'll try and fix that.

Hadley is just adorable!!

Thank you for the lovely comments. (((hugs)))

Hazel said...

That is one lovely chart. I completely understand why you stayed up late!! xx

Anonymous said...

Aww just look at Hadley! She looks soo cute :o)

Barbara said...

Oh, Deb, my heart just melts looking at that adorable little Hadley!!

Love your new chart, and I can't wait to see your start on it!

Juls said...

She is sooo cute!!!!

I thought you were going to bed! LOL Oh well I should be in bed since I'm working in the morning...oh well.

I have the Glendon Place Pumpkins...dare I join you. I have so many started......but what's one more.....

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous stitchy weekend, Deb!! Sounds like you're off to a good start!
Your granddaughter looks so cute in her costume... :o)

Cheryl said...

Hadley is so adorable!!
Have a great weekend Deb :)

Sally said...

Hadley is so sweet:)

I'm not surprised you couldn't resist that gorgeous French sampler. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one.

Have a fantastic stitchy weekend! {{{{hugs}}}}

Miokka said...

Love the chart! Hadley is too cute! Gradnbabies are the best!
See you Sunday??!!
Cathy is bringing me my missing pumpkin threads.... now to decide what to stitch them on. I LOVE your idea on black!
Travel safe!
We have a celebrity stitching guest coming Sunday!

Needlearts Kelly said...

What an adorable little lamb!

Simone said...

She is sooooo cute!!!
And your new chart is beautiful!

tkdchick said...

YOur granddaughter is just adorable!

The Silver Thistle said...

If I had to choose the cutest lambie ever, Hadley would be it! Soooo adorable. I love that she stood patietly so grammie could get a pic of the back view. Just adorable.

Meari said...

Deb, Hadley looks adorable! Absolutely adorable.

Lana said...

Hadley is the cutest little lamb!!! I especially cracked a smile at the hindsight! TOO cute!

Stephanie said...

Hadley is a darling!

Reflets de Soie do great stuff don't they :) I'm half in love with many a French designer! Hope you achieved all your goals for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,

Came across your blog somewhere and now I'm regularly returning to read it. Thanks for such an interesting blog.

Your granddaughter sure is such a cute lambie! Thanks for sharing her pics.

Take care and best regards,

Viv (from Western Australia)

Deanne J said...

She is so adorable!!!

wanda said...

Your granddaughter is such a sweetie kids are so fun at that age. The sampler is so pretty.. lovely colors I can understand your need to kit!!

Yuko said...

Hi Deb! I came here from Patti's blog and I found these two lovely photos!! She is sooooooooooooooooooo cute, isn't she?!
I have 2 years old boy so, I can imagine how cute and sweet in this little lamb costume!!
SO SWEET! and I love your stitch works as well!
I will visit your blog later again to see more of your works!!

Yuko from Japan

Bejeweled said...

She is the most adorable lambie ever!! Soo cute!!

Fun to see the update on the Marie Antoinette sampler! I love reading about all the symbolism you're incorporating into the design.

Hope you're having a great week!