Friday, November 30, 2007

Pictures from La-La-La-La Las Vegas!!

I, for one, loved it when Jack cried. He had good lungs, and he was soooo pretty! LOL My son, David, and Jack's mom, Adrianne, were very generous to let me hold him alot. They never put him down unless he has his diaper changed. He is the new "Special Gift" of the household. That's what my other children used to call David because he was the youngest of my five children, and they were sure he was a spoiled "little mama's boy!" LOL Long may he reign! Grammie's all for it....:) Pay back, etc....:p
Jack is looking a little startled! We were trying to get a smile...but you know how it is with 4 week olds. He's still the apple of my eye!
Along with seeing my little family, I was also able to visit with Juls (A Fairy and Margaret (Stitch or No Oh, did we have fun! They are so fabulous! We laughed and shared, and shopped and ate dinner and talked and looked at stitching WIPs, a chose fabric for Juls new project, and learned about eachother, and named their regular stitching group....and even planned a Stitching Get-Together in Las Vegas for next May!!! It was the best fun to get to meet them irl.
All I can say is that they were absolutely like they are on their blogs. So down to earth and such wonderful women. Interesting, accomplished, great stitchers, individual tastes in stitching..... I could have spent so much more time with them....which is why we decided on another Get-Together.
Also, Margaret and I talked about starting another RR in 2008, if anyone is interested, please contact her, would you? Juls isn't sure she's ready to do one. She's never been a part of a RR before. I've loved the ones I've been doing this year.
I have the Holiday Blues, everyone. So, as I mentioned below, I may be hiding out for a bit. Though I am stitching on my "Angels," and finishing an afghan for Jessica's husband, Kevin. I'm also planning on making the little quilt promised for my granddaughter, Hadley; and one for Jack; and one for my darling granddaughter in NYC, Amelia. Other than can I possibly have time to stick my head up!!???
Due to financial reasons, I've had to pull out of the Plimouth Plantation Session on the stitching of the jacket reproduction. It has just made me so sad at heart. It was necessary, though, as the realestate market has been so depressed and has really crippled our husband has been a RE broker for over 30 years. This is the worst, the flattest market since the Depression in the US. I may be able to go to another Session in the Spring or Fall.... Right now, I can't justify the I'll be stitching at home instead. Not such a bad thing, really.
Happy holidays to you all!! I'll be stopping by your blogs to say hello. Have some good times, and good stitching to you...
With love and hugs, Deb
PS: My son, Jon stops by and reads up on me once in a while....Love you very much, Jon!!! :)


Cheryl said...

It's good to hear from you Deb and I LOVE these pictures. He is adorable and what a glamorous grammie you are!!
That's so great you got to meet your stitching/blogging friends. Sounds like fun :)

Patti said...

Boy oh boy have I been waiting to hear from you and see the pictures of your new grandson. Aren't we just blessed with these little ones and you have even more to look forward to. I'm so glad you had such a great time in Las Vegas and wish I could have been there too. But, like your finances, mine are a bit strapped or else trust me I would come over to you in an instant! Love always Patti xxx

wanda said...

Deb, love the the picture of the new baby what a wonderful thing!!
Your trip sound wonderful and that you got to visit with stitching buddies was a bonus! I understand about the RE market my DH is a builder and it has finally trickled down to us and we must conserve. If it goes down, it must go up!!

Barbara said...

Very sorry to hear that you've had to withdraw from the Plantation project. My mom's also a realtor and has been feeling the pinch. :( Best wishes to you and your DH - and everyone else affected by the poor market.

I do LOVE the pictures of you and your new grandson. He's utterly adorable! And you!! You look WAY too young to be a grandmother! :D

Take care, and don't let those holiday blues make too many inroads!

Wendy said...

Great pictures of you with your beautiful grandbaby! Sorry to hear about having to pull out of the Plantation Project though. It will happen when the time is right for you.

Vonna said...

I do believe that your grandbaby looks a bit like you Deb...something through the chin area...:)
How sweet is he?! Makes me want to have another!

I bet it was FUN, FUN, FUN seeing Juls and Margaret :)

Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures of grandson and grandma. :) Glad you could meet up with some fellow stitchers. Sounds like good fun was had by all.

Sally said...

Such beautiful photos of you and Jack! You look so proud and he is a little beauty:)

So sorry you've had to pull out of the plantation session. It's such a shame. I hope things get better for you and your DH soon {{{{hugs}}}}

Miokka said...

Welcome home! What wonderful pictures! Jack is a keeper! What fun to meet other stitcher *wink*wink*! So glad you had a great time!
So sorry about the Plantation project. The right time will come. This market stinks.... DH finally working after a year... Hang in there. Holler anytime!

jane said...

Oh you look so happy and beautiful holding that grandson! I know you had a marvelous Thanksgiving!
I am envious of you, getting to meet other stitchers. My day will come though.
And I so totally understand the holiday blues - well I don't understand them exactly, but I have them right along with you.
BE happy and keep in touch.

Juls said...

Deb!!!!!! I had a great time with you!!!! So much fun and a bit of a get away in the middle of my company!!!! Thanks again and Jack is a keeper!!!!

Simone said...

Deb, your grandson Jack is adorable! He's even cute when he cries. And he has a wonderful grandmother!

What fun to meet some of your stitchingfriends IRL!

Sorry to hear that you had to skip the plantation project... I hope next year will become a better year for real estate!

Nicole said...

Deb, he is a doll! Glad you had a nice visit with your son and dil! :) Hope to see you sometime soon! I miss stitching with you!

Kajsa said...

What a cute baby! I'm so happy that you had a nice visit!

Carol said...

Jack is soooo beautiful!

Von said...

Grandchildren are an amazing thrill, aren't they?! Jack is a sweetie and I'm sure he's simply adorable when he's crying. What funny faces newborns make!

Little Jack has renewed my excitement for the arrival of my next grandchild, coming after the New Year! Yay!

Meari said...

What great pics of you and Jack. :)