Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crustless Quiche, Jack, and a New Book

First of all, let's just get this out of the way...can you actually say that you've ever seen a more beautiful little peapod? Isn't he Grammie's darling boy?! :) Jack has his eyes open, and on his first visit to his pediatrician yesterday (3rd day here!) he lifted his head from his tummy position, pushed up with his left arm and politely turned himself over. Now, I say, "My grandson is a genius!" :)

On to other, more mundane things: I've promised through Teejay's blog, and Kathy of Kathy's Sit and Stitch (see my blogs sideline) reminded me I owe you, my favorite all around recipe for nearly every occasion. Good for breakfast, brunch, dinner and for comfort food! :)

Deborah's Crustless Quiche Recipe

Saute' 4 strips of bacon or ham in sauce pan until crispy, drain, crumble, place in bottom of quiche plate...or lg. pie plate

Add 1/2 small onion finely chopped, and 1 clove garlic finely chopped to bacon grease and saute' only until onion is transparent. Pour all contents of pan into the quiche plate.

In mixing bowl whip 8 whole, large eggs until lemon-colored and thickened well with hand wisk. Add 1/2 Cup of milk or half & half (I use skim milk, but it doesn't matter...) and whip to blend.

Add 4 heaping Tablespoons of Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs to the egg mixture and mix in with wooden spoon. Season with salt and pepper.

Put any additional ingredients you'd like in the quiche plate at this time: I put spinach, mushrooms, or broccoli, artichokes, leeks....whatever you'd like. Put about 2 Cups full of these or enough to loosely cover the bed of the plate.

Over these, I put a nice covering of grated cheese(s) of my choice: parmesan and asiago, cheddar & munster, monterey jack and mozzerella, ...whatever I'm in the mood for tasting.

Now, pour the egg mixture over the ingredients in the quiche pan. Bake at 375 degrees for approximately 35-40 minutes, depending upon where you live. I check the quiche at about 35 minutes. You are looking for a firm, souffle-type, golden brown top. If the middle is still's not done. If the edges have begun to pull away from the sides of your quiche plate, the quiche is probably done.

You can garnish the top with sliced small tomatoes and fresh basil leaves and bits of goats' cheese or mozzarella...or any way you like. I serve it with a small greens salad and fresh fruit. Or, I just eat it alone with a chunk of fresh buttered bread.

Hope you like it! Everyone, please feel better this weekend, keep your fingers and hands from slicing and cutting things (Becky!), your noses and eyes from itching, your ears from aching, your backs from bulging and breaking, and your heads from migrainey hurties.....have some quiche with a mimosa and lounge!!! Enjoy, dear Kathy! I hope your cold and wheezies are better! :)

BOO To All of YOU !!!

Now, the book: The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. This is an amazing read. Do you remember the "Lovely Bones?" Alice Sebold is the author of that incredible book, as well. Her writing is razor sharp and eloquent. You can "see" every detail as you walk through the story with her. I cannot put this latest book of hers down. Love it, love it.

It's the story of a woman who murders her mother, in the short, but it's so much more. From the first lines of the book, I was was hooked. Here they are: "When all is said and done, killing my mother came easily. Dementia, as it descends, has a way of revealing the core of the person affected by it. My mother's core was rotten like the brackish water at the bottom of a weeks-old vase of flowers." The book gives a picture of their relationship through the years, of who they were, why they became themselves, and how their relationship evolved. It's a small gem of a book. You'll read it in a weekend...probably with a huge slice of my quiche! :)

Hugs and love, Deb


Anonymous said...

He's so beautiful, Deb, congratulations!!
Your recipe looks mouthwateringly good, yum!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Simone said...

Your grandson is looking beautiful, Deb! And so strong already! Don't you just want to go there and hug him???

cathymk said...

Deb, he's an angel!! What a sweet face.

Thanks for the recipe - sounds delish!

tintocktap said...

Jack's a real cutie and good to hear he's doing so well! I bet you can't wait to go and see him.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous baby boy! Glad Jack is doing so well. Thanks for the recipe and the book recommendation.

Barbara said...

We are actually off to the library now, and the first thing I'm doing is checking whether they have this novel!

I love quiche, and so do the kids, so you can bet we'll try this yummy recipe - thanks! I shall try to keep all my fingers (and those of any helpers) out of the knife's way while I cook! ;)

Your grandson is indeed a miracle, a genius, and a darned cute baby!!!

Kathy A. said...

Your Jack is just a darling! and turning himself over already WOW! We have a grandson Jackson who is called Jack. He is 2 1/2. He and his brother Hunter (1) are our miracle babies. I'll tell you the story one day.
Thanks for the quiche recipe. You made my mouth water just reading it. When we get to Arizona (Nov 15th) I shall try it out. We are in transit at the moment.
Thanks for the well wishes. I am doing my best to shake this thing abd thanks for stopping by my blog.

tkdchick said...

Thanks for sharing!

tkdchick said...

Oh yeah... wee Jack is a cutie pie!

Stitching Cat said...

Hi Deb -- congrats on Jack! He really is a cutie and naturally smart! Great news on selling the house in MA. I'm sure you are relieved. Thanks also for the smile award. I do read the blogs just don't usually comment and I am woefully late in posting to mine! I do have a few finishes to share so will try to get them done this weekend. Hug Jack for me when you get to see him. Glad to see that the Mermaid is again in your stitching hands. Miss you! Love Deb

Miokka said...

He is sooo awesome! How many minutes till you get to totally spoil him??
And.... so is that quiche! Try it you'll like it!

Juls said...

Jack is a cutey!!!! I know you're just counting the days till you hold him in your arms!!!!!

Thanks for the book review! I will be getting this book soon!!!!! I have her other two and even got a chance to meet her at a book reading when I lived in NY!!!! She is amazing and signed my copy of The Lovely Bones and Lucky!!!! Did you read Lucky yet??? An amazing book!

See you soon dear friend!

Sally said...

Oh, Deb, Jack is a real cutie:)

Georgie said...

He is soooo gorgeous, Deb! I bet he gets tons of kisses

Aniza said...

Congratulations, Deb! He's so adorable! You lucky grandma!!

Lauren said...

He's just adorable!

Thanks for the quiche recipe - I'll have to try this out!

Wendy said...

Congratulations on your gorgeous new grandbaby! He is adorable and its no wonder you are a proud grandma!

I used to make a recipe just like your crustless quiche - so yummy!

Stephanie said...

Jack is adorable - congratulations to you, proud grammie, and his proud parents as well! Thanks for the tip on the Alice Sebold book - I did really enjoy (in an often uncomfortable kind of way) The Lovely Bones, and I was wondering if her new book stacked up - I'll definitely be reading it now!

monique said...

Jack is beautiful, Deb!

Ruth said...

Awwww, Grandma, he's too cute for words! No doubt he gets all his smarts from your side of the family.... Now, have you taught him about stripping his threads yet? has he completed his first specialty stitch?

Bejeweled said...

Your quiche recipe looks divine! Yum!!

And congrats on your new grandson!! He is such a cutie!!

I wish I had more time to read. This is the second book you've reviewed that I'd love to read. I put everything on my reading list though and someday .... someday...

P.S. love the new blog look!

Meari said...

Jack is such a peapod. :) Congrats on your new grandbaby.