Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stitch and That...

Below are pictures of the beading I'm doing with Elaine and Darlene. We took a beading class, I think I already told you....and we've been making bracelets! This is my beading chaotic tray. The first pic. is of some different clasps I'm going to use, and a wonderful glass, vintage button that I plan to sew in as a centerpiece of one of my bracelets.
This pic above is of my finished (first) bracelet at the top, and some of those gorgeous vintage glass buttons I spoke about that I plan to use as centerpieces in future plain peyote bracelets.

This above is just another view of my beading tray. There are more clasps in the packets, and more beads that are future bracelets or necklaces.

Closest to you is a new bracelet I'm making using another color theme. I don't know why the sparking beads and the bright silvers aren't showing up in these pictures!! Can you just imagine them???? My first bracelet isn't just grey and's blue greys, and sparkling silvers with irridescent greys. Oh, well.... This second bracelet also has sparkling beads along with silver and flat colored beads in a plum color theme.
Better close up below.
Close up of first bracelet with clasp, which I love.

Here's a pic of my other little grandson, Jack. (I mean other than Kellan) He's waving "hi!" Isn't he the nuts?!! My youngest son, David, and Jack, and Mommy, Adrianne, live in NV. I haven't been able to see him since he was a baby....he's soon to be 2 years old. Jack will be getting the "Bats..." pillow for Halloween! Okay, bragging grammie will stop now... :P

My current progress on "Beatrix Potter...Ackworth Sampler." I wish I were making more progress, but I'm spreading myself around with 4 other RRs and SALs. I really like it that way because of the diversity of stitching. "Beatrix..." is awesome, though, no matter how you color her.

Fresh from Market, I purchased:

CHS's "Christmas at HRH"
Blue Ribbon's "A Sampling in the Square"
Cricket's "The Great Pumpkin Conspiracy"
Primitive Needle's "Tombstone Spots"
Mirabilia's "Sweetpea.." and replaced lost "Mermaid of the Pearls
Kelmscott's new Rose scissors
and "Adam & Eve" needleholder
I know you all know what these all are, so I won't picture them. :]
Now, to quote Eva Perone of South America...."Have I said too much??....well, it's all true...! Don't cry for me Argentina!"
I love you all! Deb PS: If you don't leave comments, I'll never know you're there...:[


Margaret said...

Oh nice! I have local stitching friends who are very into beading. They are making wonderful things just like you! Your other grandson is so cute. It's sad when they live far away. :( Your Bea is looking so pretty!

Danielle said...

Beatrix is looking great! Love the color choices.

Solstitches said...

Love your BP in those colours Deb.
Your bead projects are all very lovely too.

Patti said...

Love you BP the colors are absolutely right for me. Right now I'm having a fit because I can't find my mints and I really want one!

I love your beading projects too.

Love Patti xxx

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful beading projects, Deb! BP is looking fabulous and your GS is a darling little guy!

Kathy A. said...

Wow, did you say you just took a beading class. Your bracelets are amazing.
Little grandson - just too cute!
Keep on stitching girl

CindyMae said...

Your grandson is just too gorgeous!!! Love your beading, it is looking fantastic!!! Gorgeous stitching as well!

mainely stitching said...

Your adventures in beading are gorgeous. WOW. And Jack's a total cutie-pie. Good looking family you have!! :D

Sally said...

Wow, Deb, those bracelets are just gorgeous:) BP is coming along beautifully. I've been a little slow with mine but finally getting back into more!

Jack is so cute:)

Nice purchases from market. I'm trying to be good and not buy anything else other than the last CCN/CC Winter Wonderland thread pack that I've been on auto for.

Cheryl said...

Oh those braclets are really pretty! Lovely colours.
As for Jack...adorable!

Kellie said...

Your bracelets are beautiful! Such delicate work. What a cute grandson. He's adorable. I love the colors that you are using in Beatrix. Very nice. :)
Have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

Your beading is wonderful! I love all the pretty clasps you have picked out too. What fun!!

Deb said...

I'm not a beader, but those bracelets are to die for. Don't you just hate when you can't capture their true beauty in pictures, but I'm sure that they're stunning!!

Your BP is beautiful in those colors, and excellent market stash haul. You'll be stitching on those beauties for a long time!!

Siobhan said...

What gorgeous beading projects, Deb! You are a woman of many talents. I would love to get into beading but don't dare--I know I'd love it.

Your Jack is adorable!

Great progress on Bea--very pretty.

Cindy said...

Your beading is beautiful! I have found that it is quite addicting :)

Your grandson is adorable!

marylin said...
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tintocktap said...

Hey - I'm here whether I leave a comment or not! LOL! Sometimes I'm just lost for words! Or maybe I'm just having a bad day at the office?

Annemarie said...

At least you're making *some* progress on Bea. My poor dear hasn't seen the light of day since April.

Your beading looks spectacular! AS does your angelic looking grandson :o)

Von said...

Oh, Deb, those beads are to die for!! Your bracelets are simply amazing. :)

A couple of years ago I visited Shipwreck Beads, a ginormous bead company over in Olympia. What an overwhelming experience, but what fun!!

Lynn B said...

Hi Deb

These bracelets are gorgeous, and I also love your halloween projects! Hope you are well.


Juls said...

Oh Wow has it been 2 years already? Jack is a handsome little man!!!!!

Love the beading and such great beads!

I also got The great Pumpkin Conspiracy and am contemplating Tombstone Spots.....great minds I guess and oh I am also feeling the need for the Tudor Rose scissors...I mean what's on more pair...haha

PS the stitch legend included in Tonbstone spots was wrong...she posted the correct one to her me since I have it ...if you need it!

Marie-P said...

Hello my friend...oh my, a song from my favorite movie (Wizard of Oz) is it! Okay, I see that you have been busy stringing all those beads ~ yikes. Your bracelet is beautiful but not as nice looking as your grandson Jack. What an adorable little boy, it must be difficult not to see him in person.
Nice collection of new stash!