Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sew Red, So Key West, and Sew Halloween

See above my happy finish of Carol R's (see her blog addy on my sidebar) "Sew Red." I just adore Carol...we've been friends for a while, and I was happy that she's started designing some little quakers of her own. You can get this chart free on her blog. She's also designing a "Sew Blue." I've made this one for my daughter, Jessica, for be framed, and personalized it with my initials. It's also been highlighted with her initials, her baby son's initials and his birthdate, as well as a family number that's special to us. I loved working this one for Carol and Jessica!
Really can't believe I bought this newest Diana Gabaldon. I'm a fly-by-night fan of hers, but this one looked so good, and there's been nothing like it in reading recently. I've read the first couple of chapters, and, holy moley, I do like it! I like it along with Pomegranet and rose petal tea and short bread bisquits..... :]
It's all about Halloween around here! The above picture is of my new start on the batty, "Bats in flight spOOky night," pillow. The on below is my little pumpkin guy. That is the first of my smallie pillows for my sweet little grands. So quick and easy that I hardly knew I stitched it! Here's a picture, below, of my Kaffe Fasset stash from Key West along with a new book about using them and the jelly rolls below. DH and I made a quick trip to Key West week before last and had a wonderful time on the beach, seeing a cruise ship, walking about, seeing some shops (buying some small things), and looking through Mel Fisher's Treasure Ship finds from the sunken Spanish Galleon ship wrecked the coast of Key West. Phew!! Those are the pictures at the start of my blog.... Oh, boy!!
In particular, I raked in the above quilting jelly rolls, an old book biography about Charlotte Bronte, and a great Kaffe Fasset quilt pack, too. Oh, and also a sweet laying tool with crystal topper in greens and ambers and smoky saworovski (sp) crystals, and that cute little bee measuring tape we see for sale from Nordic Needle. So much for my happy trip!! :]
Well!!! Happy week you princesses of patterns, you sisters of stitching!
Hugs and love, your friend,


missy said...

Deb, lovely finish. Oh and I want your life!!! It's been so cold and dreary here in Ohio that a little Key West sunshine sounds devine.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello from frosty Michigan,

It was great to read your post and see the pics of your and your DH. I also enjoyed seeing your lovely stithcing and all the goodies you recently bought. I visited Key West many years ago when I did not care about having my pic took in a bathing suit. LOL Soooooo that has been a few years back. I loved the slow pace easy going life style of the very far south. I reckon us Northern need more of this kind of way of life. LOL

Hugs Judy

Patti said...

I agree with Missy - I want your life too! The weather here is getting colder by the minute :-) Love your stitching and your stash. I love fabric and have started quilting too now. Lots of love Patti xxx

Cheryl said...

Oh Sew Red is lovely! I didnt know it was a freebie, thanks for the info!
Princesses of patterns made me smile :)

Margaret said...

Cool! I love your pics of Key West! And your finishes and -- AND those Kaffe Fassett fabrics! I've been trying to resist his new line. Sigh. Why'd you have to show me that! lol! I love Sew Red on that plaid fabric -- it's wonderful!

Silver Thistle said...

Look at you! All cute and smiley :D

I'm so jealous that you've got teh new book! I ordered it from Amazon and it's not here yet. Dispatched the day of realease.......and I'm waiting (im)patiently. I'm her number one fan!! Did you see the post I made eons ago to show the Outlander ring I won?

Anyhoo, lovely to see your smiley face. Made me smile to see it.

Carol R said...

Great pictures of your Key West trip Deb and I love how you stitched Sew Red on the check fabric and that you chose to stitch family initials/dates in a different shade thread.

Annemarie said...

Sew much news, sew much beauty, sew much fun! Carol's Sampler for Jessica is oh so yummy, Mummy :o) Love the Halloweeny stuff too!

mainely stitching said...

Wonderful stitching, Debs! And I so envy your trip to Key West - one of my oldest, bestest friends lives down there and I haven't seen him in about 15 years!

Enjoy your Halloween fun!!

Deb said...

I love both your Halloween pieces - so sweet. And you got some beautiful fabric too! Kaffe always has some great fabrics and they're hard to resist. I love how you did Sew Red on that fabric - very, very pretty!!

doris said...

I love Key West, and I haven't been there in ages. What a fun trip that must've been.

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb,
What lovely photos of you and your DH. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Key West. I love all the stash that you have picked up.
I am sure that your sweet little Grands will love the pillows that you have made them.
The sampler that Carol R designed is lovely. She is very talented.
Hope you are well - Sandra.

staci said...

It all looks fantastic Deb! Love the fabric you used for your Sew Red!

Brigitte said...

Your Sew Red finish looks wonderful. And I love love love those Kaffe Fasset stash. His fabrics are a dream and I'd like to find them in a quilt shop one day. No luck so far.

Siobhan said...

What beautiful stitching, Deb! Your grands will love everything, as will your daughter. I love how it'll be personalized for her. :) Great new fabric stash! I enjoyed the pics of your trip--looks like a great time. I'm so intrigued by the new Gabaldon book. I read the first book eons ago and didn't get into the second. Now I want to jump in to "Echo..." but don't want to read out of sequence. I may start back at the beginning with an audiobook of the first book.

Kathy A. said...

Lovely photos of Key West. Nic pic of you under the banyan tree.
I have the new Diana Gabaldon. I am a huge fan. I am saving it for my car ride to AZ so don't spoil it please lol.
Lovely stitching.
Those new fabrics are yummy.

Cindy said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time in Key West! We were there last year, and I didn't see the quilting shop. It's probably a good thing, though, because I would have lost track of time and missed getting back on the ship LOL :)

Von said...

Key West sounds heavenly on this cold autumn day in E. Wash!! Glad you had fun. :)