Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloweenie Beanie Bag

Cyn asked for a picture of one of my beanie bags for the grandchildren. Boy, Cyn, you caught me just in time! I had already sent them off and given nearly the last of them to my sons. I had only this one left for little Ella that her daddy is picking up for her this afternoon! It's the sqare piece that has tiny ghosts and pumpkins on in, backed with grey. Hard to see how "full of beans" it is. LOL I used lentils because of the softness for the babies. I don't expect these to last very long, or I probably would have used a hardier bean like navy beans. But, the lentils were just the lightness and softness I wanted for them...wouldn't hurt them if they landed on their little heads! :]
You can also see that someone got into the Halloween M&M with almonds... :P Just wanted you all to see the slim pickin's that were this selfish little elfin being. The nerve!
You may have seen my Halloween smallies here that I hope to make into fobs...someday...maybe this year. If any of you get one it will be a miracle this year because of all the quilting I've had to do. Maybe next year....
Check out Georgie's darling Halloween decorations (see her blog addy on my side bar). And please don't forget about Missy's (see side bar) Gigantic Giveaway!
Hugs, Deb


Margaret said...

I like your Halloweenie picture! Full of good things! Lentils are a good soft bean to put in the beanbags. Smart! M&M almonds -- didn't know about those! I may have to go in search. lol!

Kathy A. said...

What cute little bags for the grandkids. I think lentils make a great filler.

Patti said...

So cute! I wish you could hear me stay this out loud. I am sounding just like my lovely daughter-in-law every time she looks at Ollie!
Patti xxx

Tammy said...

I love beanbags! Those are great. Those little designs will make awesome fobs or ornies-loving that green fabby. And aren't the Halloween M&M's to die for?? Somehow, they just taste *better*, lol.

CindyMae said...

The bags are such a great idea!! Love it!

lenna said...

Deb ~ Your quilts are gorgeous and could I be your Grad daughter so I could get one, too?
Your stitching on the RR is also beautiful way to go. You do such beautiful work.
Congrats on getting it all done. Oh, what are the names of your DH's books? I have grandchildren who love to read.
God Bless ~

lenna said...

I stole your rose I used to grow one just like that in Wichita Fall, Tx. years ago. I had some pretty Hib. tea roses and when we moved I never had the sun to plant new ones in. I miss them. Something so peaceful about a gorgeous rose.
Come by and see my blog
Take care and enjoy Halloween you sure have earned it.

Carol R said...

The beanbag is really sweet but my eyes lingered on the M&Ms with almonds for a tad longer than they should have - they look delicious!

I'm waiting on your EoL RR as I can't wait to stitch on this for you but I've not heard from Suzanne that's it on its way yet. I am so impatient!


Siobhan said...

Oh wow, Deb!!! I just love what you put together for your granddaughter & other granddarlin's. How neat. My grandmother always sent us little treats at the holidays and I always think of her with loving memories at this time of year, remembering her Halloween gifties. I know your grandkids will treasure them now, and in the years to come.