Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Of Books, Bats and Blanking-Out

Remember these fun with kids Fall days? I wish I were there with Kellan and DD while they had fun this past weekend. Kellan loves baseballs, basketballs and footballs!

Shaking fingers with Mr. Skelaton! He's not quite sure if the old guy is real or not!
Kellan was not letting go of his pumpkin! "Oh, I'll take that, thank you!"
Below: The before as Cap'n Spooky is ready to leave home to go to his school's "Trunk or Treat" Fall Festival. They make Halloween a safe and fun time for the children. Kellan's got his squishy frog all ready.
And, finally, two of my very favorite people...DD, Jessica and my grandson, Kellan, as his school's Halloween Fall Festival draws to an end. His favorite candy was a lollipop which he got all over himself, his tv chair, his daddy, and his mom. All's well that ends well....
My newest reads are: "Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation," which is so thoroughly entertaining I wish I could send it to all of you! My face is surely glowing with delight, and I know I'm smiling through chapter after chapter as I read. Not so much for the vampirish details, but for how easily each piece fits into the mysteries of Darcy in the original Pride & Prejudice. The author, Regina Jeffers, is a teacher and specialist on Jane Austen, which makes this book heads and shoulders above other adaptations, I think. I'm loving it!!
"The White Garden: A Novel of Virginia Woolf," by Stephanie Barron. We know S. Barron as the author of those Jane Austen mysteries that have been so popular such as; "Jane and the Ghost of Netley." She is also the author of, "Flaw in the Blood." I can't wait to read this new book of Barron's, because she never fails to produce good writing and a wonderful story.
Other exciting bookish news! Anne Rice has a new book coming out this week called "Angels..." not quite sure of the whole title. The reviews say her Lestat readers will be happy to know she's returned more to her old style of writing. I'm sooo happy about that. I'm such a Vampire and Mayfair Witches fan. :F
Also, my other very favorite author, Joyce Carol Oates has a new book out called, "Little Bird of Heaven."
I've downloaded all of the above books to my Kindle, "Stella," and I'm reading like a maniac and blanking out the real world. Afterall, it is Halloween and one can not be expected to act rationally. I've been staying up late reading, getting up early to work on Kellan's quilt and reading, and reading....my eyes are stinging and stinging!
Now I have wild, stringy hair and blood shot eyes! Are you starting to get the picture here???
Please leave any comments you may to bring me back to reality! With hugs from beyond, Deb


Kathy A. said...

Wonderful Halloween memories. Love the photos of Kellan. One day, my dad took my youngest son out, fed him rock candy on his pale blue jacket and carried him in the house at arms length saying here - he's all yours. I still laugh at that memory.

Patti said...

Oh Mini Me I wish you had been with them too! But pictures are almost like being there - Skype is even better! Not that I know for real because I have yet to do it - skype I mean! Hmmmmm just a big sigh came out of my mouth for you. Kellan is so grown up I can't believe it! He is a proper little boy and not a baby anymore. Are you seeing them for Thanksgiving or Christmas?
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Deb said...

Those pictures of Kellan are absolutely adorable. Makes you want to be right there when everything is going on. Have you tried Skype. I saw Patti's comment and Skype is the next best thing to being there. I think you can even take pictures and store them while you're talking.

Books - sounds like you got some good ones. The only author I read of all those was Joyce Carol Oates. I love her books, although the last one I read was a book of short stories. One was quite disturbing, but thought invoking.

mainely stitching said...

How can Kellan already be this big??? He's still a baby! What happened to the time?

Margaret said...

What great pictures of Kellan! I love it -- he's so adorable! As for the books -- hmmm, I may have to look up Ann Rice's new book. :D And I like JCO too! But you knew that, right? lol!

Wendy said...

I can't believe what a sweet little boy Kellan has grown into - and where did the time go? Sounds like some great books, Deb. I just read a review on Angel Time and it sounds like it was worth waiting for.

Brigitte said...

Kellen's such a sweet little boy. I can easily imagine him having fun at the fall festival.
I'm always curious to read other reader's book recommendations. Thanks for sharing.

doris said...

What a precious little guy. I especially love the picture of him shaking fingers with the skeleton. My kids would never have done that!

Nicole said...

Kellan is so cute!! I can't believe how big he is getting!! :) I'll have to write those books down. I'm always on the lookout for a good book. :)