Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WIP Updates

You have to click on this picture to get the larger one to see the real progress. I'm using GAST Kudzu on the grass in a bargello stitch. Will give you a complete color chart for the piece in May, as I've made more progress. You can't really see through the threads as in the pic!! Yikes!Plantation Sampler is so much fun to stitch. The froggies have left me, somewhat; at least the majority of them have fled!! I've still had to contend with a few of them on that border. I'm counting and recounting like an old fashioned cash register!! :P

It's shameful that I'm still stitching on this, isn't it?! The metallics mixing has slowed me up, I think. I'm trying to mix it up more, now, to speed up the progress. Have only stitched a bit on this to start catching up. It's difficult to see...just try to look closely.

I've been clearing out old CD's today...all day! It was amazing how many I have collected that I'd never really listened to. There's another swap online just like the paperback's a CD swap...check it out. So far I haven't found anything, but I didn't really have time to look today.

Have any of you been watching American Idol? I have to tell you I can't stand Adam. I can't even hear him singing! He just makes me cringe. Sorry to any fans he may have amongst us. I think he's creepy. Ugh!! I'm a fan of Chris and Danny. I think Danny will probably be left standing with Adam. What do you think? The little red-haired girl certainly has a great voice!!!

Other favorite tv programs:

In Treatment
Gray's Anatomy
Private Practices
Nancy Grace
Masterpiece Theatre
Big Love
True Blood
HBO Specials

How many of you saw "Gray Gardens?" OMGosh, it was brilliant. I just loved it. I could watch it again and again. Drew Barrymore was amazing, I think she really became the character. It was so much like the documentary, it was almost creepy! Jeanne Trippletorn played a good Jackie Kennedy...complete with a slight NY accent. I thought Jessica was the least real in the cast.

Must go....I've bored you to pieces!!!! Please leave me some answers and/or comments. It's always so much fun to hear from you, dear friends. I check my blog every day to see who's visited me!

Hugs, Deb


-missy- said...

I was just posting on Edgars' blog how many times..4..being the times I have watched Gray Gardens in the past week!!!

Your t.v viewing is much like mine. I can't wait for BIG LOVE to come back!!


Sally said...

Your WIPS are gorgeous Deb. Such pretty colours in them.

Oh I LOVE The Mentalist! It started over here just a few weeks back and we watch it eery week.

Margaret said...

Wow! Gorgeous! Is that last one Cirque des Circles? I just loooove the fabric and colors you're using! Wow!!!!!! What is that fabric?

Jan said...

Deb, these wips are looking so wonderful! Lovely choices for sure!:)

Brigitte said...

I love your WIPs, particularly the Plantation Sampler. This light turquoise fabric (on my monitor) of your third WIP looks terrific!

Patti said...

You did NOT bore me to pieces. I'm also ashamed to say that I love all of the following programs Fringe, Mentalist & Gray's Anatomy! The only reason I don't love the others is because we don't get them here in blighty! Anyway I love all your WIPs as well and you are doing brilliantly on them. Lots and lots of Love Patti xxx

Deb said...

Those WIPS are looking wonderful Deb! I like the fabric you're using for the Plantation Sampler. I keep putting off stitching this, but for some reason your fabric gives it a whole new look! Very nice. And Adam, he is talented, I have to give you that, but I have the same kind of weird feeling when I watch him. There is something off with him - too pretty - something. Kind of reminds of Elvis in a pretty boy way! Good luck with all your WIPs.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hello! My computer is down again...hopefully not for long! I'm on my DH's now. Just wanted to let Margaret and others who might want to Cirque des Cercles fabric is more blue than it photographs..a medium to dark sapphire blue with turqoise and green over dyes on opalescent 32 ct. Jobelan.

Thanks for the comments on "Plantation.." It is really fun to stitch. I highly recommend it. It's so easy to tailor the colors to your own home interior...just put some DMCs against your furnishings and wall colors to find your pathway!! :)

Hugs, Deb

mainely stitching said...

Oh! Your stitching is SO GORGEOUS!!! :D

Nicole said...

Beautiful progress on your wips Deb! I love your Plantation Sampler especially. I was seriously thinking of starting it the other day! :)

Carol R said...

Beautiful WIPs Deb!

Don't throw out any Bee Gee cds - save them for me - I have a huge collection and don't forget to ask Cathy Lyon about me and Barry Gibb (sshh).

Dexter, my favorite serial killer is back on tv - tonight I think or is it Sunday? I've already set the HD box to series link so I won't miss it!


Claudia said...

How many wonderful wips!!!!! One better than the other!!
I love the Plantation... sooooooo nice!!

Meari said...

Your WIPs look good :) I watch Grays and PP.

Kathy A. said...

Lovely lovely WIP's Deb. It was nice to see Cirque again. It is going to be so beautiful done with the lovely colors you chose.
How is the Mira start coming? WE arrived home on Friday and I will be at Knowledge and Needles the first of the week to pick out my fabric. I need to get some kind of a start. I am having trouble picking out my grid.

Kajsa said...

All your WIP's look great. I'm with you on the metallic's, they are not fun.

Hmm, The Mentalist, love it.

Isabelle said...

Hi Rose , I am so happy to visit your blog : congratulations on all your beautiful wips : they all are very nice : a great choice for the fabrics .
Wishing you many great stitching hours ,
Isabelle (from France)

Mel in Dubai said...

Lovely WIPs, Deb!

No tv watching for me - nothing on here worth turning the tv on for at the moment. That's why I've been reading so much. New seasons of some of my favourite tv shows will probably start over the summer ... when everyone is on vacation *sigh* :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

All of your WIPs are beautiful!

Joke said...

Wonderful WIPs! You perhaps know I've been on holidays to Germany? and in a litlle shop the Plantation Sampler almost flew into my hands. So I took it with me, waiting for a chance to start stichting it...

Hazel said...

Your wips are gorgeous and I love your CDC. I am still working on mine. Slow going don't you think? Your colours look amazing. x

Marie-P said...

Stopped by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Hope that your day was filled with love and happiness~