Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thread Selections

Dear Stitching Friends,

Thanks so much for the interest some of you have shown for my thread choices for pieces I'm stitching. I'm going to post a list of them, just not tonight. I appreciate your comments so much!!

The frogs are still lingering.... Don't know what they want from me! :P I've had the Plantation Sampler in a trunk for about 16 years, so maybe some stitching spirit is unhappy and wants to give me some pestering for my delaying!? :B Beware when you start a classic you've had stashed away too long!!!

I have so many new blogs I want to list on my favorites. So much fun to read and see these new least new to me. I'm just delighted to add a couple of new ones on my front page and on the 2nd page of my blog.

I'm feeling a bit disappointed in the newest crop of books on the market. Is anyone with me there? So, that's why I'm reading the Patricia Cornwells, etc. that you see on my bookshelf. These are truly good books...all of those authors. I highly recommend the Karin Slaughter books.
Have you been watching "Little Dorrit" on Masterpiece Theater? It's been very good, but has pushed me a little to read the book instead of paying close attention to the tv special, which seems a bit slow in parts. Perhaps reading a few classics would be a good thing right now in what seems to me to be a publishing slump.

Here's the only other book I've found interesting... The Graveyard Book. It's young adult fiction, but all ages are raving about it. It's about a baby whose parents are murdered and who runs away to the local graveyard where the ghosts there help raise him as he lives amongst the tombstones... It's supposed to be a very good tale, sweet and an excellent, unusual read. I may try this one on my Kindle~"Stella"

Thanks so much for your comments, dear friends. I check every day to see who's visited me. And, I try to get to most of you in every week! Love to see what's up with you and what you're stitching.


Margaret said...

Sorry about the frogs. :( I'm so envious that you have a Kindle! I want one too! I've been thinking of trying the Graveyard Book too. And also of rereading Little Dorrit. :D I've been rereading lots of the classics recently. In between more modern books. Thanks for the future posting of thread choices!

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb,
The Graveyard Book looks like a good book. I will have to keep an eye out for it for Lachlan. I can't keep up the books for him.
Haven't read Little Dorrit yet. Will have to get it for my Charles Dickins collection.
Your Beatrix is looking lovely. I still haven't touched mine for 2 months. Naughty me.
I'm looking forward to seeing your Plantation Sampler. It is a beautiful sampler.
Sounds as if you had a lovely Easter with Jessica and her family. Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you. - Sandra.

Brigitte said...

Plantation Sampler is a gorgeous piece and I'm very curious to see your progress picture.
Hmmm, does that mean that I'll have to leave all my UFOs (and I mean those old UFOs) in the trunk? I don't want to wake up the frogging ghosts, lol.

Patti said...

I am very jealous of you Kindle. Maybe I'll buy one when I come to the States. I am so very sorry about the frogs but so grateful they aren't here right now. I am busy working on exchanges so I don't have any to do at the last moment and am so enjoying what I'm stitching because nothing is taking me that long to stitch that I am getting bored with it. I wish you lived here! Lots of Love Patti xxx

Myrna said...


I've been reading the Patrica Cornwell books inbetween stitching.

Hope the frog leaves your area.

Kathy A. said...

Those darn frogs. They have been parked around my house these days too. I can imagine you are as tired of them as I am.
You have a Kindle. Oh, Im so envious. Would love to have one.
Have a great week, hon

Mayté said...

Deb, if you find the frog, PLEASE, hold it there !! Do not send it to USA :)

I know how you feel, but she will be tired of bothering you and will take a rest.. promise :)

Love reading your posts, you always make me smile .

mainely stitching said...

I loved The Graveyard Book. But I've loved everything of his I've read. LOL.

Great to hear from you!!

Siobhan said...

I'll have to read The Graveyard Book! I haven't read anything of his yet. It sounds good, though. I haven't read a Patricia Cornwell in awhile; I find her a bit too dark. My mother started reading her books again and said I should retry them, so I just might. Right now I'm listening to Patrick Gale's Notes On An Exhibition & not crazy over it, and reading Heather Terrell's The Map Thief. It's not that interesting, either. :P

Sorry to hear about the frogs! They've been visiting here, too. :P

Carol R said...

Just shoo those little frogs away!

Part of Little Dorrit was filmed at Deal Castle which is the castle I can see from my bedroom windows! Shame they didn't ask for extras when filming and then maybe I could have been in it! Now you will think of me when you watch it next time. I will email you a picture of our 'view'


Jan said...

Deb, so sorry about that frog continually pestering you!! Hope he goes away soon. Your Plantation Sampler is going to be lovely when finished.

I have read the Patricia Cornwall books, years ago, they are fascinating!

Glenna said...

Bummer about the frogs!

What a cute picture of you and Nicole. You guys look like you're up to some serious mischief!

Maxine said...

Your stitching is lovely :)...I have read all Karin Slaughter's books (I think?!?)and agree she is very good...have you read any Tess Gerritsen's? she also writes in the same genre and my all time fav author has to be James Patterson.

Hazel said...

Well done you for getting an old wip out! I have never read Little Dorrit. The last Dickens novel I read was A Tale of Two Cities all about the French revolution. Very interesting and a great read. Loving your BP. Beautiful colours. x