Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pictures and New Stitchers' Charts

Here's a picture that warms my heart! My son, Jason, who lives on the Cape in MA, and little Kellan (10 mos. old), DD Jessica's boy, getting to know eachother. Jason, wife- Adrien, and my grandgirl, Hadley, came to Naples to visit a couple of weeks ago! We were on cloud 9.
Here's Hadley...I'm sweetly prejudice, but she's got those Angelina Jolie lips and she's beautiful! Difficult to see from this picture. She's very proud of her pink crocs... Kellan is so funny! If he knows Jessica is about to take a picture he stops smiling or laughing and gets this expectant look on his face...every single time. We laugh so much! So here he is with that, "When's it going to flash," look!

After getting much of my stash out of my living room and into my little needlecraft/sitting room, by way of organization, I've found so many projects that I've meant to stitch but haven't gotten to. I've also found many that I have no intention of stitching.

I have several little Victoria Sampler charts for learning new stitching techniques. I'm wondering if any of you would like them. They have lessons including hardanger and darning stitches, etc. If any of you are interested, please leave a comment for me so I can sort them out. Thank you! These would be for new stitchers or those who want to learn or perfect a new skill. The finished pieces would make into fobs or pincushions or small boxtops. Please say a prayer for my son, Jason and his golden retriever, Hollie, who has just been diagnosed with the last stages of cancer and is failing very rapidly day by day. Hollie has been the family pet even before they had Hadley. The situation happened so quickly...last Saturday she just went down for no apparent reason, and was diagnosed. Jason and his wife have been shocked and really hurt and sad. I think losing a dear pet is one of the most painful things one can go through.

On a happy note, Kellan is now starting to pull himself up on things and Jessica is going to have her hands full! He says lots of words, the newest of which is "wal" which we assume means, "walk!" LOL Very scary because he crawls faster than either Jess or myself can catch him...going straight for the dogs bowls!! :]

I'm starting on a new series of books, I think. I've never been attracted to them before, but I started reading a Laurell K. Hamilton last night and thought the writing was good, better than I'd thought it would be! The book is "Bloody Bones" (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 5), and it's much less sex and blood than I thought.... I'm forging ahead with it. Any of you fans or readers of Laurell K. ???


Simone said...

Your grandchildren are so cute, Deb! I love the pic of your son and Kellan.

Kathy A. said...

Those are just the sweetest little one's ever. Kellan sure is growing in leaps and bounds. What a gift he is!!!
Glad to see you about again hon. We sure have missed you.

Lisa said...

What lovely photos, you sure have a beautiful family.
I'd love the chance to win one of your Victoria Sampler charts if it's ok for me to enter, I really want to learn more hardanger techniques as I've only done the very basic bits so far.

mainely stitching said...

Love the family pictures, and hearing about how everyone is doing. :D

doris said...

Grandkids are the most fun a person can have!

So sorry about Hollie. It's terribly difficult to lose a pet that's been part of the family.

lena-lou said...

Hi Deb, your family pictures are so nice and I must say what a pretty girl little Hadley is, bet she will break a few hearts when she is older lol :)
Take care

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Lisa, I'm delighted to send you a chart! Please just send me your home address via my email @

Hugs, Deb

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos of the kids! If it's OK I'd love to go into the draw for one of the VS charts - I've been lusting after these for ages, and funnily enough I've just been sitting at my computer desk thinking it's time I go back to learning some new skills again, and perhaps drag out one of my EGA correspondence classes to stitch up ... but I like this idea!! :D BTW, if I am lucky enough to win, I have 3-1, 3-4, 4-1, 5-1, 5-3, 5-5, 5-9, and would dearly love to fill a gap in :)

tintocktap said...

Hi Deb - that photo of Kellan and Jason is gorgeous! Hedley looks like such a sweetie too!

Meari said...

Your family is just adorable, Deb... must take after the matriarch ;) I'm new to most specialty stitches, so if there are any of the VS kits that would work for me, I'd be interested in the drawing.