Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

I have my new laptop Dell computer, everyone, and it's RED!!! Whoo whooo! I've been using it, but I have the problem, which I have to get resolved tomorrow, that I am not able to scan and save my pictures like my old computer did so easily. I don't have a memory card camera.

Therefore, all of my progress on my rotation pieces is sadly missing right now. I've really found this rotation method to be helpful, and I never knew it could be!

I was sorting through my stash and found that I have several duplicates of CHS and Blackbird Designs and some oldie/OOP Just Nans. Please contact me through my email if you're interested in a trade or something.

New stash...mostly new stuff from the latest Market. I love the Owl scissors!! I had to have another Zecca fob, too.

Oh, I have to talk to you about Belle Soie threads. Nicole and I recently had a talk about these silks....they are having some issues. I actually talked to Kathy at Golden Needle, Port Charlotte, FL, about them this week. Kathy confirmed that she's been hearing more and more from her customers about the Belle Soie issues. She's calling the designer/owner about it this week....

Here are the issues Nicole and I have identified and some suggestions:

1) The silks are bleeding onto our hands and onto the linen, leaving stains! Yikes!! Here's a suggestion: Pre-rinse all shades of red (including deep pinks, corals, oranges and purples!) and all jewel-like tones to remove any excess dyes that remain loose in the threads.
I know this is a difficult thing to do when you love the color that it is originally...but would you rather have a stain or 3 on your piece if it ever needs to be laundered, or if there's an accident with water spilled or humidity touching it???
The other real sealing factor is to give the threads a salt or vinegar cold bath, too, to set the colors.

2) The silks may tend to snag. Well, this is simply a factor of using silks. For best results, silks should be cut in 12" to 14" lengths. If you cut them or stitch with them any longer than that they will lose their luster and will tend to snag or fuzz up on you. The whole reason for using silks is to get the sheen on your stitched piece! Longer lengths can also tend to tangle. Because of this "rule" you will need to follow a "cut length" method of dealing with your new thread bundle.
If you get a snag, here's how to repair it: grasp the thread firmly from below and above the snag, and then snap the thread sharply. You'll hear a sort of rubberband snap sound! LOL Be sure to really just grab hold of your thread on both ends so you don't pull on your fabric.

Hope that helps and saves your stitching! I really have a stain on my Beatrix Potter Sampler because of the bleeding of one of the dark reds. Not such a happy person now.... :(

See ya! It's late or early, whichever you prefer. Thanks for your comments and sweet compliments about my WIPs. I'm really enjoying stitching these last few weeks!

Hugs, Deb


Isabelle said...

Hi, Deborah , very glad to hear from you and to know you have a new lap top computer : they are really practical . thanks so much for all your advices about Belle-soie colors : I dont use them a lot so I didn't know those problems : so Thanks again to you :-)
Have a great day :-)

Margaret said...

Whoa -- that's terrible about the Belle Soie silks!! I'm going to have to remember that! I really don't use them much but I do have a couple of things kitted up that use them. Geez! Sorry about your Beatrix Potter. Such a bummer! Hope you enjoy your new computer. Red all the way! lol!

Nicole said...

Your new laptop sounds so nice! I'm so glad you are back online - I've missed you! :) Thanks for the Belle Soie advice. They can be a pain! I'm so sorry about your BP!

Margie said...

I've had that issue with Carrie's Threads, I'm a thread licker and I've actually had dye on my tongue! Yikky.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Good to hear the Belle Soie message was helpful. Thanks for telling us about Carrie's Threads, too, Margie!
Hugs, Deb

Kathy A. said...

Hey there girl. Sounds like you have been very busy. A RED laptop - I am so jealous - mine is just black. But, I am excited. Finally have WIFI in our area and Im all over the net LOL.
How's your Mira coming? I am almost finished framing mine and soon will have to pick something to stitch.

Deb said...

Love the idea of a red laptop! Awesome. And thanks for the info on the Belle Soie silks. I personally don't use them. I did for one project - while I didn't have the dye issue, I did have snagging and fraying. I decided that they were too expensive to have to deal with those kind of issues.

Patti said...

Okay Little Me. Glad about the new red laptop. Mine is shiny black and very very small with no cd/dvd drive in it but I bought an external one so that solved that problem. How did you upload your photos before? Just email me and let me know and I'll figure out a solution for you. Lots and Lots of Love Queenie xxx

Von said...

How fun is that?! A red computer!! That is very you, Deb! :)

I just bought a few skeins of Belle Soie floss in Victoria, but they're a dark blue. Still I think I'll give them a little test before I start using them. Here in Kennewick I don't have to worry about humidity getting to my floss - but spills - definitely!

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb,
Haven't had a chance to email you. Everyone has been ill.
Wow a red laptop. That is lovely. Mine is the basic black.
What a bummer with your Bea. Don't you hate it when you do all this beautiful work and something terrible happens to it. Could bring a girl to tears.
That is interesting with the silks. I don't use them as they are too expensive over here. Thats the last thing you want when you are working, stains all over your work. Hope you are well - Sandra.

Jan said...

So sorry your project got affected! Hope it is fixable!!

Love the idea of a red laptop, how cool is that?

lena-lou said...

Happy new Red Dell :-))

So sorry to read about your awful estate gardeners and the disappointing mess they have made doing 'the gardening'. Honestly some people do not have a clue and I seriously wonder how some people have the jobs they have !! It is a bit frightening at times. I hope your DH does see to it for you or they grow back quick, a good dose of British weather would see to that . I'll have to send some over in a padded envelope ;-))

The poem is very touching that you have put on here, I can understand you feeling emotional.

Take care Deb x