Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No, I Did Not Just Read There Are 53 Days Until Christmas!!!

Pleeezzzeee! I'm hardly over Halloween and I just can't think of Christmas, yet.  My pumpkin is still sitting on my kitchen center island uncarved... Little grands did get their annual care packages for Halloween from Grammie and Granpop, though, and they were tickled with parts and pieces of that.  So, we did have a happy one!

My new handcrafted, designed and created~one of a kinds, by "Talis Bijoux," is up and running and I'm so thrilled.  Jessica and I have put hours of work and emotional effort into the venture.  Mostly, I've had to begin to let go of my art work, which has always been difficult for me.  Lots of heart and soul goes into it, and it's always been fascinating to me  how the whole creative process just takes over my mind and body....it's very out-of-body, to those of you who've not experienced it.

If you get a chance in the next week, it would be so good of you to visit my new website at:   http://www.talisbijoux.com/     It's in its infancy right at the moment.  I need to download pictures and start from scratch with things, so there will be nothing on there except the welcome right now.   I should have some pictures up by the 12th or so.   Thanks in advance for coming by!

I also have a new book blog that I'm really happy about.  It's addy is:  http://abookishlibraria.blogspot.com/   Very lonely over there at the moment...so please come visit me.  It's just up this past week and I'm trying so hard to get things running.  I'll be doing lots of book reviews there for new and up-and-coming authors, as well as my regular reading lists of books.   Also, haven't abandoned my very practical book blog at:  http://boundtobebookish.wordpress.com/   either.  Except this one will be having more of the extreme books from now on instead of the mainstream books of my ordinary reading.  I've found some interest in new lines of thinking that authors are developing, and I'd like to explore talking about things like "steampunk" and where it all started and what's happening with the trend in our current world, as well as other ways art and fashion affect authors and our reading material, and vice versa.  I hope there will be more video and pictures on that site in the future, of things having to do with books as well as reviews and lists.

So, that's me in the coming year!   See, that's why I don't have time to think about Christmas this year....  "]
He's still not made into a Santa stand and he's been finished for at least 5 years!!!  Oh, man!!

Happy (fast approaching) Holiday Wishes,



Lynn said...

Good luck with your new ventures!! I wish you success.

Brigitte said...

Like you I'm still in the pumpkin season stitching pumpkins endlessly, lol.
I have bookmarked your new sites and I'm looking forward to see your book reviews. It's always very interesting to get to know new-to-me authors.

Marylin /Poussy said...

Oh it's very beautiful !
have a good day
marylin FRANCE

Von said...

Like you, I am so not ready to face all the Christmas madness! Why does each year slip through my grasping fingers?! Ah well, it'll be fun - I'm determined that it will ALL be fun. :D

Good luck with your new venture, Deb!!

Jeanne said...

good luck on your new venture Deb. i don't have time to do much reading but maybe i'll wander by your book blogs and see what you're up to :)

Nicole said...

I know! I was just telling Chris in a few weeks we'll be seeing Chrrstmas decorations everywhere!!