Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a darling book for 'tweeners! Theodosia is just the most precocious little girl who lives in a museum with her absent-minded curator/researcher of a father and a motley crew of others. Her mother is an archeologist who moves in and out of her life, bringing new, interesting and dangerous things into their lives. Theodosia  is the most awake and aware of the dangers seeping into the bowels of the museum, of course, and she's bountifully to the rescue!

I loved Theodosia and her funny smart and Nancy Drew on ritalin. I can't wait for my little granddaughters to get old enough for Grammie to send them Theodosia mysteries!

And, here's a secret...Grammie liked reading this book on her own. I may be checking back with Theodosia to see what else comes into the museum that she needs to take care of!

Bookish friends, you have to find copies of this little's absolutely perfect!   I'm talking to you, Vonna...and Katie!


Deb/Your Bookish Dame


Siobhan said...

Theodosia sounds like a fun book! I'll have to remember it for my nieces, who are almost at the point where they could read it.

Deborah~~Your Bookish Dame said...

Thanks for coming by, Siobhan. I hope you and your nieces will enjoy it! LOL

Miss you, dear friend...