Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scissors & Stuff

Kellan and Grammie Debi before we got into trouble sticking a little boy's hands into ice cream at his first birthday party around Grammie's Club pool. June 7, 2009
Several comments about my new Mermaid Roses scissors: so I have to tell you they are from ABC Stitch Therapy. They have the best selection of scissors IMHO, for those of us who are collectors. They also have Zecca accessories...scissor point protectors, et. al. One of our bloggish friends pictured and talked about a new blue and white scissor out at JoAnns, which I'm on the hunt for asap.

Also wanted to give you this, my conversion for Mary Wigham. This is the DMC to AVAS. Thanks for mentioning it, Cindy.

Mary Wigham Sampler

Conversion Threads

DMC to Au Ver A Soie


725 / 2525

407/ 4611

356/ 4612

963 /943

3857 /no conv. (Dk. Rosewood)

3768 /1746

3052 / 3714and - or 3713

Ecru / Ecru F 2

930 /1715

White/ Blanc

739 / 4241

3822 /2531

927 /1744

Black/ Noir

934/ 3726

352 /931

435 /4236

225 /1011

3855 /4242

433 / 4116 and - or 4122

519 /1442

746 /2542

Other colors I've chosen to use in addition:

1715, 1724,(Blues) 4624, 4615, 2945, 3031 (Reds & Pink) 1833, 2124, 2125, 2133, 3726 (Greens) 4224, 4226, 4614 (Rusts) F14, 2141, 2222 (Tan & Lt. Yellows)

Hope all of us are in a SAL for Mary Wigham by now! It's going to be another challenge like Beatrix Potter.... :]

Hugs to all of you, I appreciate so much your kind thoughts and prayers for Elaine and Jessica. We're all doing well for the moment. You should hear some of Jessica's culture shock stories about Lousiana. Remember she's a New Englander raised in the Boston Area (Wellesley) so the deep South is a foreign as Italy to her!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Your grandson is adorable!

Kathy A. said...

Now if he isn't just the cutest little fella. Take care my friend. Sending warm hugs

Nicole said...

Wow, Kellan is getting so big! I can't believe he's already a year old! He's such a cutie! Hugs again to Jessica!

Deb said...

Deb, I sent you an email about the scissors.

Your grandson is adorable. You must have so much fun with him!

Cyn said...

Hi Deb,

Cute birthday picture. :-)
Thanks for sharing the Birthday pictures!

Also, thanks for posting the AVAS conversion. I'll check it out when I'm at the LNS on Thursday/Friday. Not sure which day yet. lol...

Cynthia (Cyn)
Windy Meadow

Ummm... no Cindy. :-)

Patti said...

Kellan is just gorgeous. And don't you know that Grandmas can do whatever they want! Lots of Love Patti xxx

Tammy said...

Sweet pic! Your WIPS in the below post are simply stunning!

Margaret said...

Oh thanks for the DMC/AVAS conversion!! How exciting! See, it pays to wait to stitch something. lol! Love the birthday pic too!

mainely stitching said...

Well, Italy might be easier for Jessica to deal with. LOL!!

Love the picture of you and Kellan. Good heavens, he's a big boy!!! :D

Cheryl said...

Thats a great pic of you and Kellan!
Im in the Mary Wigham UK SAL, ive just started and i love it but wow, its a big project!

Siobhan said...

Kellan is adorable!! I hope Jessica is settling in well. The frst part of a move is always the hardest. Big hugs to you, too.

Sally said...

Wow I can't believe how much Kellan has grown! He is adorable!

Annemarie said...

Oh, what a sweet little boy Kellan is!

Yes, I've joined the Mary Wigham SAL, but was quite shocked at how long it took me to finish just one motif!

Hope your friend is doing well, and that Jessica is gets used to her new surroundings soon!

Shari said...

what a sweet grandbaby picture!!! As a brand new grandma, I am enjoying so much seeing pictures of other grandmas!!!

Marie-P said...

It is hard to believe that Kellan is a year old. Enjoy it, he will be graduating college before you know it. ;D