Thursday, June 12, 2008

Update on Soup-to-Nuts

Photographed dim and dark, my bright little stitching room...which my friends and I call the "little French room" because of the furniture, is getting more and more disorganized by the day! You see I have to take my shoes off and tip-toe between things to get to other things....etc... I know I have to fix this one of these days, but I just don't know how!

I've also stashed things away in my great room, under my bed, beside my bed, in my closet, and in my garage. I'm hoping Jessica will really get serious about stitching some day! Or, I can keep out of hospitals long enough to get some things done. Or, I can develop two more arms and hands and work through things at lightining speed, that would be nice, too!

Cirque has been picked up consistently over past days and I've made some progress. However, my photography skills are at their worst, so I have to wait for DH to give us an update on that one. I do see the "Mists of Funk" arising, though!

Vonna, I want to thank you in particular for sharing your story with us about all of your children being preemies. We can see how beautiful and well-rounded they are now. That was a great testimony for Jessica's heart. Julia, your being a preemie of 6 wks. from the 50-ish timeframe also was joyous to hear! You're so amazing and such a good friend here in Naples, and Jessica knows you, so that was a great help.

To all of you who have sent comments, emails, calls and notes...too many to name here, we want to thank YOU so much. It has meant everything to know the Magills have your support and prayers. Jessica says she's sure guardian angels surround Kellan's little warmer in the NICU because of all your prayers. Jessica reads my blog every day to get your comments...

The little Kell-lion's update: He's off all breathing apparatus and breathing on his own. He still has a feeding tube in his belly button, but is sucking his pacifier and swallowing and keeping down all of his mommy's milk. He's taking nearly an ounce and a half every 2-3 hrs. His digestive system is in great working condition. His eyes are opening well and he knows daddy and mommy voice and responds to them.

Waving to my children who may be reading this from their various offices or homes in MA, NYC and NV and FL! Love you!

Hugs to all,


Simone said...

My friends say that I'm good in organising... So maybe I should come over to help you? ;) The big solution (plastic boxes and drawer cabinets) is totaly NOT fitting in the cozy environment of your french stitching room... I think you should leave it the way it is. As long as you can find anything!

Good to hear that Kellan is breathing on his own now!

Vonna said...

Hi Deb!
If Jessica ever wants to talk privately she can e-mail me, I'm on-line at various times of the I said in my previous post...I know exactly how she feels, what she's going through...her worries....maybe I can help. I know that it would have been a great load of my imagination (literally) if I had had someone to "talk" to.

If he's already breathing on his own that's a great thing! My Ian the one that was on the CPAP is pictured on my blog...he's the big guy on the end He's two years younger than his sister (also pictured) and look at him now! Nearly as big as she is! I think they weigh the same ;)
Tell Jessica that he's bright and handsome and this year when he had end of school awards day at school...he was top in his class and got certificates for: attendance, citizenship, All A honor roll and "best" mathmetician! He's a winner (but all my kids are so there! ;)))))))
Testimonials from a mother of 4 premies!

Nicole said...

That is a great room Deb! My mom would love that white table! :) Glad to hear Kellan is doing better! Tell Jessica her and the baby are always in my thoughts!!

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, glad to hear that Kellan is doing a lot better.
I thought I'd share my premmie story with you. Mine is a bit different from the others.
My Grandfather was born in 1900 and he was a premmie. He was so small that he fitted in a shoe box lined with cotton wool. His mother was quite ill when he was born so his elder sisters looked after him. He was the second youngest of 13 children. He worked very hard in the family business (Tanning) and retired when he was around 84. He passed away when he was 92.
When he was born there were no humidy cribs and all the things that they have today.
Kellan looks quite happy and healthy in the above photo. How is poor Mum going. I know how she feels after a C Section. I had 4 of them (not by choice) - take care - Sandra.

Barbara said...

My MILs kids were almost all preemies, too. Mark was a little more than 2 months premature and you'd sure never know it now! I'm so glad Kellan's doing so well. He sounds like he truly has the heart of a lion.

Meari said...

Glad to hear the little one is doing well :)

Seeing your stitching room makes me feel not-so-bad about the state of my spare room and the fact that my stash is still in boxes!