Sunday, June 15, 2008

Preemie Caps

Sending a call out for preemie cap patterns! If you have a cute one, will you please email it to me: The hospital nursery is now putting warm caps on Kellan, and Jessica's asking me to knit some. I have one little cap knitted as of yesterday, but don't want them all to look the same!

That's Kellan's first preemie cap knitted by Grammie yesterday. :)



Crazee4books said...

Hi Deb,

How wonderful to read the progress reports about Kellan on your blog
and hear how wonderful he's doing.
And all the pictures are so precious! I love the one where his hand is resting in his dads. I'm so very happy for you, Jessica and her DH, that things are going so well for your newest grandchild.

My Mom and some of the ladies at her retirement home knit caps and booties for preemie baby's born in our local hospital. It gives them a
nice feeling to know that they're contributing to the welfare of the newest members of our community.

Wow. Your stitching room looks a wee bit like Aladdin's cave. Look at all the neat stuff in it! Bet its full of treasure too huh??

Maybe we'll never stitch everything in our stashes, but it sure is fun to collect, browse through, and dream with isn't it??

Continued best wishes to you all.

Margaret said...

Oh my, I've been out of touch for so long and in the meantime Kellan has arrived. Congratulations grammie on the birth of this beautiful addition to your family. I was sorry to read that he was born premature but progress pictures show he is doing so well. Deb, enjoy your little wonder.


Marie-P said...

I made a bunch of knit hats for a hospital one year~ I will look for the pattern I used. Here are a few I just found online.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Thanks so much, Marie!! :)Hugs, Deb

Lody said...

congratulations pretty grammy.:) and to the new parents as well. good to hear that everything's doing well.

last time i dropped by here was when you just had a baby shower for jess. hhmmmnn, been busy here...:)

thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of kellan. the "hands" photo is simply amazing! i love it to death...

Michelle said...

What a sweet little cap! I am glad that Jessica was able to go home, and hope that Kellan gets to go home soon too - what a cutie!