Sunday, June 1, 2008

Birthday at Borders with my Best Babygirl

We are at Border bookstore in Naples, FL, celebrating my birthday by buying things for Kellan!! LOL Though Jessica claims every trip shopping we take that starts out for her or me, or Kellan ends up with me shopping for Amelia or Hadley....or Jack!! LOL Thus, the beginning and the end....
This is our fuzzy little picture taken by a poor man we literally grabbed as he walked by. (You know how that goes, Martha and Lynn! :]) He must have been beside himself or shaken from the sight of us!!! Anyway, it's Jessica and Mom in front of our stacks of books for Kellan's future library...only hardback, first editions will do for the heir of Grammies library!! We have the series' of Eragon, Peter Pan, and others to sort through before we leave. I suppose I shouldn't be ranting about the poor man we grabbed off the bookshop floor, because my focus issues with the camera are also glaring here. We found the most precious girl to help us: Solangel is her name! Can you believe it!!? Jessica and I wanted to adopt her. We thought she was surely our gift from God for the day. She helped find this perfectly gorgeous illustrated volume of Peter Pan for Jess.
Speaking of Kellan John Magill. Here is his first 3-D picture! It's still "fuzzy"...but welcome to the Club, Kellan! LOL He has hands, feet and the imbilical cord are all up around his head in this picture. Since this was taken, they've made new images and he's moved, grown more imbilical necklace, bigger feet, longer legs, longer fingers and lots of yawning going on!! Isn't he cute? We didn't have the benefit of these 3-D sonagrams in my day!! Jessica is expecting him via C-section the first week of July. I'm about to hyperventilate!!
Grammie Debi waving to granddaughter, Amelia, in NYC. She's a new big sister! Grammie is sending her the magnetic paperdoll and the Fancy Nancy doll and book you see behind. Here's one of her latest pictures and one of her new baby sister, Ella Pearl. Amelia's not quite sure yet if it's great fun to share her daddy. She adores Daddy.
Here is my darling Amelia (in the center) dressed to play "Wendy" in her school's play of "Peter Pan" this Winter. She was so happy. Remember?
And, our latest precious addition....little Ella (Blue) Pearl born on May 2nd. She's so sweet!! I nicknamed her "Ella Blue" because my son is an investment banker by day and a blues band leader and song-writer by night! :] He'll surely be writing and singing songs about her as he's done about Amelia and Jessica! Jessica is his favorite sister...she's his only sister...but that doesn't matter!! :) Anything the boys want me to know; they first call and tell Jess!
My son, Frank, Amelia's Daddy...opening a surprise package from Grammie Debi. See how she loves girly things?
My darling (2 years old this month) granddaughter, Hadley. She's the little one who loves flowers and being outside with nature. Before she could walk, we'd have to help her tiptoe outside to touch the pretty flowers. Inside she loves singing, dancing, and playing with her trucks! LOL I've always called her my "little squirrel" she's so bright and beautiful. And, a new picture of my precious grandson, Jack Gardner Duncan II, with his grandad, Charlie. Jack is always smiling and sweet like this. He's a heartbreaker!! Such and kind and adorable baby! I wish I could just kiss him all over! I think of him and all of my grandchildren all the time.
Well, somehow this birthday of mine got to be all about my grandchildren. That's really what has become most important to me. I love all of my children: Frank, Jon, Jessica, Jason, and David. Their wives and husband: Coco, Kevin, Adrien and Adrianne. And, I'm just insane about my precious grands! That's my life at 58!
I hope all of your lives are as joyful and fulfilled as mine is at this time of my life. God bless you each as He has blessed me. I live in paradise, in a beautiful home filled with books and stitching treasures, have great friends, a husband who loves me and fusses with me, children who love and are kind to me, and grandchildren I can spoil. I'm a happy camper!!
PS: More about my fun and funny birthday tomorrow!!! LOL


Deb said...

Hi Deb,

It's so good to see you back! All your grandbabies are just beautiful, wanna share?

Happy Birthday!

tintocktap said...

What gorgeous photos, Deb! You have a lovely family.

Kathy A. said...

Happy Birthday Deb. May you be blessed with a day full of love and much laughter.
I sure understand where you are coming from. I consider my family my greatest joy. and my grandkids--- they are all the lights of my life. I just can't imagine my life without them. We are about to bring our 3 year old grandson Jackson home to our house for a week so we can spoil him uninterrupted by his parents LOL

Susimac said...

Happy Birthday Debs, I love seeing all your wonderful pics of your family.

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Deb. We were born almost two years apart (me 05/21).

Great pictures!!!

Nicole said...

Congrats on your newest grandbaby Deb!! She's beautiful!! Wow, that 3-D ultrasound is so cool! You are going to have another gorgeous grandbaby soon! Jessica looks great - I would never guess that she was due to have a baby next month!! :) All the pictures are great and I truly hope to see you this weekend!!

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, happy birthday. It looks as if you and Jessica had a lovely day together in the bookshop. I love books to. Before my eldest son was born he had the complete collection of Beatrix Potter and the special little wooden bookcase. He keeps eyeing them off and my Grandfathers rocking horse. He wants them to take them home with him, but I keep telling him that they are mine.
You have beautiful grandchildren and I can see why you are very proud of them. I think Jack looks a little bit like Grandma.
What more can a girl ask for then to be loved and appreciated and I think you are. - happy birthday - Sandra.

Barbara said...

I just LOVED this post, Deb! Gosh, it makes me want to hug you and your whole wonderful family!! :D

Ruth said...

Love the pics!!!!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us :)

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Deb!! How wonderful to read your lovely post and see all those delightful photos!

Julie said...

Ahhhh.... Love all the pictures! Glad to see Jessica up and about! I'm sure you're both so very excited and hoping this next month goes by quickly. Happy Belated Birthday!

Von said...

I see you're a great mom and grandma as you're passing along the book reading and collecting gene! :D

It was wonderful to see the pics of your family and to share in the joy you have in each member. You are indeed a most blessed lady!

Best birthday wishes and hugs, Deb!!!

Miokka said...

Happy Birthday! such great pictures of you and Jessica and all the grandbabies! How beautiful!
Geesh, I think we are going to have to call you the phantom photo taker nabber... thank goodness for little old men in bookstores! LOL!
Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.
Guess what.... I put the LAST stitch in CdC tonight!! I'm so happy and so sad!
Happy day!

Donna said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I would be honored for you to post something about the design. You have a beautiful family, you are surely blessed. What a great time at the bookstore. My favorite place to visit is the library or bookstore, I could stay there for hours, what a treat. Enjoy all your grandchildren.

Carol said...

Happy Belated BDay Deb!!! What a great ultrasound pic :-)

Lynn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Deb! What beautiful pictures of all your grandchildren. Aren't they all so special? I know I miss mine constantly and wish they lived much closer.
How lovely that you are already buying books for Kellan. I think it's very important to expose children to books and reading. Of course I love reading to them!