Wednesday, June 4, 2008

By the Bay - New Charts to Love-& My Birthday!

I just ordered this new chart for my birthday and I love it! Donna, designer of By the Bay Needlearts, is a stitching friend and a fabulous designer. See her blog: I love her collection of designs and want to do a sort of CHS collection of houses on one piece of linen of her houses with large trees and fruit! Since she's a Christian like me, I love her pieces with proverbs and sayings. Here's another new one below:
With another proverb, it makes a great head-piece for the collection of houses "by the bay!"
Also, speaking of my birthday. What a surprise to receive this gorgeous birthday fob from my darling friend, Harmien!! It's just my colors and is so me with the roses! I love it to pieces. I'm keeping it hanging on this antique theorem art picture of a basket of fruit so I can see it every day. Thank you, Harmien! These are my sweet birthday gifts from JennX who has been a dear and faithful friend of mine for over a year. We chat frequently about books and needlework...mostly about books. I adore her. She's always so good to me. She sent me a gift certificate which I used at her favorite stitching shop online! Boy, were they fast in delivery, too! This is a fuzzy pic compliments of you-know-who...but the back two charts are: LHN "The Rain Fell" and CCN "Garden Girl" Thank you, Jenn, I love these!! You are so thoughtful, as always. :]
My DH (along with Major hints from DD) drove to our LNS (45 mins. away) and bought me Lady Scarlet and a gift certificate for my birthday!! I just love her. Isn't she pretty on the pink. An aside: this is my long ago start on Chatelaine's Convent Garden.

Anyway, the funny story along with the gifts is that I called Jessica when he gave me my bday card and the gifts to tell her, and she said, "Let's drive to Golden Needle and find some stash for you, Mom!" To wit, DH, upon hearing my response says, "Oh, no!! You can't drive up there! It costs $50 in gas!" Jess and I started laughing. So typical of him.... Here's your gift, but enough is enough with this birthday spending!!! LOL It was a great gift anyway, I emailed and placed an order happily. :]

Another fuzzy pic. of: CHS - Blackhorse Inn - Once, I lived in Mendham, NJ, where the true, historic Blackhorse Inn is located on Main Street. The building is actually yellow with black trim now. But, it was the Inn on the Stage Coach road to New York City in those days. So, I had to have this chart! Then, I ordered By the Bay's "In My Father's House." "Charity for All" by Erica Michaels is for my son, Jason, Hadley's dad, who is a real patriot and a American is the best sense. "Celtic Beasties" by Ink Circles is for Jessica's husband, Kevin's Christmas present....he's a true Irishman. Then, naturally, I had to have the latest "Sampler & Antique Needlework." Oh....and this beautiful volume of Jane Austen's novels guilded pages and all!! Yummy!! From Barnes & Nobel. I'll post my Golden Needle gift certificate things when they come in later!

Stitching guild meeting tomorrow night and Steamy Sunday Stitching at Martha's this Sunday...what fun! Nearly finished with "Sepulcre," so starting "Audition," Barbara Walters' new memoir. And, happily awaiting Kellan, whose doctor just gave him a delivery date of July 15th yesterday...assuming Kellan waits that long! :]

Thank you to dear friends who emailed and sent cyber birthday cards!! I love my friends!



samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, what a great collection of stash you have there. You have goot some lovely charts and things. I have been checking out By The Bays charts for a while and she has some lovely samplers.
On the petrol side isn't that just like a man LOL he sounds like mine. We are paying today in Australia $1.68 a litre (there are around 3.78 litres to a US gallon)/ As we are having a long weekend this weekend they are predicting that it will go up to $1.70 per litre by Monday. There are comments all over the news this morning on how far can the oil companies bleed the poor public.
Talk to you soon - Sandra.

Simone said...

Congratulations Deb!!! You got some great stash from your family and friends! I really like the designs of your friend Donna! I think I have to order some of them... ;)

Jenn said...

I love everything you got for your birthday. I've been drooling over that little ladybug ever since she came out last year. I'm glad you found some good stuff with the GC. Your right Amy and her deliveries are fast! :)

Sally said...

Wow you received lots of lovely gifts for your birthday Deb!

Nicole said...

Great new stash Deb!! I'm so excited your going to be at Martha's Sunday. I'm going to beg my mom to watch the kids for me!! :)

Patti said...

You got so many gorgeous things for your birthday. I love you my little friend too. Happy Birthday again Patti xxx

monique said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Deb! You sure got some nice gifts :)

Lynn said...

Great stash Deb! I especially like your By the Bay charts!

Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday to you! What wonderful stash you have there! I love your Convent Garden on the pink fabric. Gorgeous!